I’ve been thinking about homestuck in the context of it basically being a new media classic and thinking about some kid in high school 70 years from now having to memorize and recite a monologue from it or something

I just feel like Andrew Hussie is similar to a modern day Shakespeare in that he has this great writing style but it’s full of stupidity and dick jokes, yet if homestuck ever really becomes a Well Known Classic people will ignore that and look at the genius writing and act like its something to be studied, not laughed at and that’s hilarious to me


A mix for all your johndavekat needs

No Homo-The Lonely Island | Bromance- Nigahiga feat.Chester See | Friendzone-Marielle Maxwell | Never Met You-Tom Law | My Best Friend’s Hot-The Dollyrots | Tighten Up-The Black Keys | Sloppy Seconds-Watsky | Video Games- The Young Professionals(Lana Del Ray Cover) | Bright As Your Eyes-OK Go | Stupid-Brendan Maclean | Kill the Director-The Wombats | VCR-The xx | Cigarette Daydreams-Cage the Elephant | First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes | The Guy That Says Goodbye to You Is Out of His Mind-Griffin House | How do I Live Without You-Trisha Yearwood

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