Prompt: Bumblebee.

Harry’s never been much of a talker, his slow drawl preventing him from getting much out before he gets distracted anyway but it’s like the very first time he sees her, any words he’d dreamt of saying had been snatched from his throat.

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  • My sister's husband is recovering from a recent surgery and has been getting antsy.
  • Sister:what was that thing you always read
  • Sister:with the clowns and trolls and its really long
  • Sister:im trying to find him something better to read than reddit
  • Me:you mean homestuck
h.s.- Colours pt. 3

(Pt. 1) (Pt. 2)

Somehow, Harry had managed to convince you to fly with him to L.A. for two weeks. So, here you were, sitting in the first class of a commercial jet along side your best friend. Somewhere else in the plane, there was a baby screaming it’s head off, and earlier, the stewardess had spilled a water all over you. A headache pulsed behind your eyes. You absolutely hated flying. 

“You all right, love?” Harry asked, touching your arm. You nodded, opening your eyes.

“Gotta headache.” Harry stuck his bottom lip out apologetically. You shrugged, tugging your hair up into a bun. 

“We’re suppose to be landing soon, so for now, drink some water.” He passed you his water bottle. You took a swig and handed it back to him.


“No problem, love.”

The plane touched down a few minutes later, and the two of you stood, and gathered your things. Harry handed you a pair of sunglasses (for the paps) and the two of you slipped out of the plane and retrieved your bags from the baggage claim without being spotted. Outside, there was a car waiting to take you to a hotel downtown. You fished your makeup bag out of your purse and redid your simple look you had applied earlier this morning before leaving London. 

“Mr. Styles, there is some traffic that will take some time to get through.” The driver called from the front. 

“How long?” Harry asked.

“Maybe an hour or two, it’s hard to tell.” You groaned and slumped back into your seat. “I’m very sorry, ma’am.” The driver replied to your groan of annoyance. Harry patted your knee. 

“I’m knackered.” You mumble, leaning against Harry. He kisses your forehead before whispering “, I know, love. Me too. Get some rest, I’ll wake you when we get there.” For the next hour, you drift in and out of a restless sleep. When you open your eyes for the last time, the sun was setting. 

“Why didn’t you wake me?” You asked Harry. He looked down at you. 

“I didn’t want to wake you, and William here agreed with me.” Harry motioned to the driver. 

“It’s his job to agree with you, Harold.” You muttered, sitting up and rubbing your neck. 

“That is true.” The driver replied politely. 

“Well, here’s a tip for waiting for us.” You handed William ten American dollars. He took it hesitantly. Harry helped you out of the car and the two of you made your way into the hotel.

The next morning, Harry had planned to meet up with Louis and meet his baby, Freddie. 

“D’ya wanna come along? Louis’ never met you, I don’t think.” You shrugged. 

“I guess so, there’s nothing for me to do here.” You sighed, standing up from the couch. Harry threw you a pair of your washed-out jeans. 

“Louis’ single and these make your ass look amazing.” Harry explained when you gave him an odd look. You shrugged, walking past him to retrieve a shirt from your suitcase. You chose a white jumper that Harry had spilled blue paint all over (it looked pretty cool all splotchy like that) and brushed your hair out.  

“You look pretty,” Harry commented when you walked out of the bathroom. 

“Thank you, Harold.” You laughed. 

“Harreh!” A man who you presumed to be Louis answered when Harry knocked on the door. “Whose this?” He looked around Harry at you. You smiled.

“This is Y/N, she and I were friends for a really long time back before the Xfactor and I needed a place to stay while I was in London, so I called her up and ended up painting her house and ruining her jumper, as you can see.” Harry motioned to the blue and white mess of a jumper you had on. 

“It looks siiiick.” Louis laughed, and invited the two of you inside. He walked over to a little crib in the corner and lifted out a tiny baby. You had to clamp your hand over your mouth to contain your squeal of excitement. You had always loved babies, but didn’t have the time for your own. “This is Freddie, Harry.” Louis whispered, showing off his baby to Harry, who was nearly in tears. 

“Congratulations, mate. He’s absolutely amazing.” Harry whispered. Louis looked up at him and smiled. 

“Thanks, Hazza.” He handed Freddie to Harry and laughed as Harry bounced the little lad around and played with him. 

“So, you and Harry were friends before the Xfactor?” Louis asked casually. You nodded. 

“Right after he got on, you five got all busy and he stopped texting so often, but we did talk occasionally. So when he was in town, I figured, why not? Let him sleep on the couch.” You giggled, sitting across from Louis on the floor. The two of you talked for awhile as Harry was enticed by the baby. As it was nearing the end of your visit, Louis asked you a question that made your heart skip a beat. 

“Listen, I know you’re not in town for long, but I wanted to take you out sometime. Would that be okay?” He asked, his face flushing. You nodded and smiled. 

“That’d be lovely. Here’s my phone number,” You entered your number into his phone. Harry walked over then.

“What’s going on?” He asked. 

“Louis wants to take me out before I go home.” You handed him back his phone.

“That’s great!” Harry exclaimed with a smile. 

Now, you had known Harry all your life. You knew what his smile was like. 

That was not a happy smile. 

That was a forced smile. 

Was Harry jealous?