anonymous asked:

==> Feel the inexplicable urge to fight someone.

M!A: Enter Command (Yue-Yan’s common sense is impaired for 48 hours, and therefore more likely to act on intrusive thoughts [anons].) 

You try to feel the inexplicable urge to fight someone, but you can’t. You are a rational person, who knows exactly why they do what they do. Always. 

You do, however, think about Otto and his room, and remember that the last time you went in there, there was still broken glass and doritos all over the floor.

You then remember that he still invites your not-really-little-brother-but-may-as-well-be, Pierce, over. Who is blind. That’s a safety hazard for anybody, Otto, but this is going over the line.

You now feel the explicable urge to fight Otto.