25 Days of Christmas (Day 23- *Hoya*An Hour and A Half)

Group: Infinite

Pairing: Hoya (Howon) x Reader

Genre: Smut

He’d been home for exactly one hour and during the entirety of that hour, he was on the phone. Take the 3 weeks of tour preparation plus the 2 months of touring and you hadn’t seen Hoya in about 3 months. For three months, you hadn’t been able to do anything together other than talk on the phone. He finally gets here and the only form of contact that you had was a peck on the lips. Other than that he’d been sitting on the couch on an emergency call with Dongwoo.  Apparently he was having girl trouble and the only person he could talk to was Hoya.

You stared at him from the doorway as he spoke. He was partially slouched in the chair with his legs spread apart. How long was this phone call going to be? You raised an eyebrow and walked into your shared bedroom, looking around for a notepad and a pen. Finding the materials, you walked back out of the room and sat directly across from him. You folded your legs underneath of you and scribbled down on the notepad. “How long are you going to be?” you wrote down.

You flipped the notepad over and he read it over. He shrugged and pointed to the phone, silently blaming Dongwoo.  You turned the notepad back to you to write another message. “We haven’t seen each other in 3 months!” you wrote before showing it to him. He made an apologetic face and shifted the phone so that he could rub his hands together, saying sorry. “Well, did you try calling her yet?” Hoya said into the phone. You stood up and stormed back into the bedroom. Seriously?

How was this fair? You didn’t want to sound like that bitchy girlfriend but…come on! He spent months with them and now when it was supposed to be your time with him, he still couldn’t really be with you. You’d been dating him for a while now. Doesn’t that make you some sort of priority over them? You sat down on the bed and looked at yourself in the mirror. Were you really going to give up this easily?

You pushed yourself off of the bed and walked back into living room. You stood right in front of him, a hand on your hip. His eyes looked up at you, confused, as his mouth continued chatting away. You pulled your shirt over your head and Hoya’s state of confusion escalated.

You inched your pants off and Hoya watched as they slid down. You continuously removed your clothes until you stood completely naked in front of him. “She said that? Wow, you really messed up” Hoya said. He was watching you but it seemed like his brain was still into his conversation. You knelt down between his opened legs and he blinked. ‘What are you doing?’ he mouthed, silently.

You smiled in response and grabbed the inside of both his thighs, massaging them. “If she will talk to you, you should tell her that” Hoya said into the phone. You stopped massaging his thighs and just ran your hands over them, every once in a while, letting your fingers graze over his bulge. Of course he began to harden but unexpectedly, he didn’t end his call. It was like only his bottom half was paying attention to you and that was really irritating. It was also like a challenge and you could never say no to a challenge. How long would he be able to pretend like nothing was going on?

Your hands went to the zipper on his pants and he made no move to stop you. His eyes never left your hands as they pulled his zipper down.  “If she is the ‘great’ girlfriend that you know her to be, she should understand” Hoya said, lifting his hips slightly. You pulled his pants and underwear down simultaneously and Hoya settled back into the chair. Was he really going to be this difficult? Was this really a game to him?

Your hand went back to rubbing his thighs as your mind took you on its wild adventure full of questions. Was he toying with you? If he knows that you are horny why would he just ignore you? Plus, ignore you for Dongwoo? Really? Your hand instinctively wrapped around his shaft and you licked the tip of his penis. There was a shift in his facial expression but it was horribly subtle.

You repeated the action but this time, licked around the tip in its entirety. His penis wiggled in your hand and you smiled, pressing your tongue against the slit. Hoya let out a deep breath and you had a mini celebration on the inside. Before your celebration could get to out of control, Hoya had harnessed his pleasure and was right back to his conversation. He WAS playing games with you!

Your grip on his shaft tightened and you suck the head into your mouth. You let his penis rub against the inside of your cheek, making him feel every texture that your mouth had to offer. Hoya licked his lips and closed his eyes shut for a moment. You slowly slid more of him into your mouth until you couldn’t take anymore. Hoya clenched his teeth and you saw his jaw flex in frustration. He was hiding back his moans and it was finally starting to get to him. You slid his length back out of your mouth and he swallowed hard. You began to slide your closed fist over his penis and again, he clenched his teeth.

Releasing his penis, you stood up and just looked at him. He was putting you in a weird position now. You needed him to make a sound but jerking him off and sucking him off wasn’t going to do it. If you were to ride him, he would have to give in, right? Hoya was waiting, his eyes wandering all over your body. You quickly made the decision to straddle him and moved to make it happen. You aligned his penis to your entrance and slid down. You placed your lips onto his neck and sucked hard, keeping yourself from moaning. Hoya bit his bottom lip and temporarily moved the phone away from his face.

Hoya brought the phone back up to his right ear just as you started to kiss a line up his neck.  You sucked on his earlobe and he let out a shaky breath. “Mmmm… uh, maybe you should write out a letter to clear your thoughts before talk-talking to her” he said. The beginning had started out as a moan and the end turned to a stutter. You were finally making some good progress. You lifted your hips and sunk back down, making Hoya’s mouth drop open.

“Okay, listen to me-” Hoya started. You lifted your body and then sunk back onto him, making him moan again. “-just call her. Right, AH~, call her now” Hoya said. He tossed the phone aside and grabbed the back of your neck. He pushed his lips onto yours and you showed no resistance. The kiss was hungrily sloppy as your tongues knotted together, electric currents running through each of your bodies. Hoya’s hands roughly grabbed onto your breasts and you moaned. This was what you wanted; uninterrupted alone time with your amazingly sexy boyfriend.

You lifted up again and Hoya grabbed your hips, shoving you back down. The move was so unexpected that you screamed into the air, your hands gripping his shoulders. Your lips were connected once more and this time was even more unorganized than the first. After all, how could you truly focus on kissing when he was constantly shoving into you?

Your walls tightened around his penis and he grunted, still raising your body and slamming you back down onto his hardened member.

“Howon, baby, AH-” you couldn’t get your warning out fast enough and soon came around him. Your brain went fuzzy as he latched his arms around your legs. He lifted you up, not pulling himself out of you. His strong arms carried you all the way to the bedroom where he lay you down.  His thrusts hardened from then on. He changed his angle as he bent over your body, moving to kiss your lips. His current angle gave a little friction to your clit and you whimpered. He pressed his hips into you faster and he exploded only a few seconds before you.

Your chests rose and fell quickly as you panted. Hoya laid back on the bed and put a hand on his chest.

“Ya. Don’t get comfortable. You owe me for 3 months plus that hour and a half phone call” you said. Hoya laughed and rolled over on his side.

“Of course” he said, planting his lips to yours.