Dearest Hoya, Other than being the resident Dance Machine of Infinite, You are also their coolest rapper, At the same time providing them lots of laughter with your variety sense. You hold the eternal sports MVP title in their eyes, Along with the Mr. Capable guy status. You wow them with your all-rounded multi-talented qualities; With that you are irreplaceable. (And yes you do have a body sculpted by the Gods…)

Happy 25th Birthday! <3                                                                                 
(P.S. Don’t forget that you’re also halfway to 50 years old now!)                                                                   

anonymous asked:

What are all of Infinite's MVs?

Well. Um. we go. 

(In order of release/didn’t include teaser vids/also didn’t put in practice vids/)


  • Come Back Again [x] 
  • Come Back Again - Dance Vers. [x]
  • She’s Back [x]
  • BTD [x] 
  • BTD - Dance Vers. [x]
  • Nothing’s Over [x]
  • Be Mine [x]
  • Be Mine - Dance Vers. [x]
  • Paradise [x]
  • White Confession [x]
  • Cover Girl [x]
  • Be Mine - Japan Vers.[x]
  • The Chaser [x] 
  • The Chaser - Dance Vers. [x]
  • With [never officially released] [x]
  • She’s Back - Japan Vers. [x]
  • Man In Love [x]
  • Man In Love - Japan Vers. [x]
  • Destiny Vers. B [x]
  • Destiny Vers. A [x]
  • Request [x]
  • BTD - Instrumental Vers. [x]
  • Last Romeo [x]
  • Last Romeo - Japan Vers. [x]
  • Back [x]
  • Back - Performance Vers. [x]
  • Grow - INFINITE Grow OST [x]
  • Tic Toc - One Great Step Returns Live Vers. [x]

Sub Unit/Solo 


  • Special Girl [x]
  • Without You [x]
  • Pretty [x]
  • As Long As You’re Not Crazy [x]


  • 60 Seconds [x]
  • 60 Seconds - Band Vers. [x]
  • I Need You [x]


  • Delicious [x]
  • Tell Me Why [x]


  • Heartbeat [x]

Bonus - She’s Back [YAMO Vers.]  [x]