a pocket sized J-hope pulling on your fingers, stomping his foot, and begging you to let him go outside to see the snow

“Please please pleeeeease??? I promise I won’t get sick! [Y/N]-ah~ please~?”

“Hoseok, for the 10th time, no. It’s too cold for you right now. Maybe tomorrow okay?”

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(It’ll be so hard for me to say no.. I mean look at this face how could anyone say no?!)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I think your art is exquisite!!! I was wondering if it's possible to buy your warm tones version of Jhope?

thanks so much anon!

i don’t think i’ve ever posted my warm versions of jhope here~ i’m assuming you were referring to the one i posted on my twitter? (aka this picture with different lighting adjustments)

i’m just in the process of creating a redbubble in which you can purchase some of my art pieces. you can view it here however there isn’t much up at the moment. as soon as i stock more drawings, i’ll make a more formal announcement! please look forward to it ^^