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Can I request a scenario.. with Hoseokie.. where you (his girlfriend) can’t walk the next day because of "exciting activities" you had in bed last night. I hope it makes sense xD Thank you ^^

You woke up the way you had fallen asleep. In a state of pure ecstasy. A smile plastered to your face and your boyfriend’s arm draped across your body, his darling face nuzzled into the crook of your neck. You looked down at him, mentally imprinting the image of his innocent sleeping face into your mind. He looked so naive, so peaceful, nothing like the passionate man you had shared a bed with last night. 

You shifted slightly, having to relieve yourself, and a sharp pain shot up the inside of your thigh. An immediate soreness settled into the space between legs, your muscles raw and aching. You slid slowly and gently out from underneath the sleeping angel. It hurt to move your hips, and whenever you tried to move one leg closer to the edge of the bed, the other had to follow instantly. You couldn’t have them stretched out for too long. You groaned in discomfort, unable to keep it in any longer. You looked over to see if you had awoken the sleeping prince. But his body remained still.

You scooted your butt to the edge of the bed and inhaled deeply, preparing for the moment of truth. You pushed forward slightly and landed on two feet, inhaling sharply. You looked to Hoseok before carefully taking one step forward. The sudden weight on your legs was too much to bear and you landed in a heap on the floor. 

Hoseok’s arms searched for your body in his state of sleep. But he woke up quickly when your warmth was nowhere to be found. 

“Jaigya?” He said, looking around with his eyes half closed. His voice was still thick with sleep and his lower lip jutted out as he pouted. 

“I’m here, oppa.” You couldn’t move anymore, so you stayed with your legs extended in front of you, leaning back onto the palms of your hands. You were bruised. Everything was bruised. And you couldn’t blame Hoseok. He had wanted to be gentle, but you instructed him otherwise. It was your fault, but you knew that he would blame himself. 

“Why are you on the floor?” He said as he climbed down and crawled towards you, laying his head on your lap with too much pressure. You winced. He sat up right away.

“Are you okay?” His voice coated in concern, he looked into your eyes, his hand caressing your cheek. 

“I’m fine. Just… sore.” You smiled sheepishly, your cheeks burning.

“I hurt you?!” He panicked, getting to his feet and moving away from you.

“No! No, Hoseok. It was my fault. You didn’t want to.” He frowned, approaching you again. He knelt down and kissed you on the top of your head. 

“Well, we won’t do that ever again. I’ll go get you some ice.” Your eyes widened in shock as you watched him leave the room.

“Wait! I never said I didn’t like it!” You yelled after him. All you could hear was his bright laugh echoing down the hallway.

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10 Random Biases Tag

Dear yeahletstalkaboutkpop tagged me, cheers!

RULES: List 10 biases (random but loved) BUT all must be from a different band/artist~So for example, more biases per group? too bad, only one. 

Note: the biases are not in order. Also, I only stan two groups, Block B and BTS, (I listen to other groups but don’t know the members well enough to have biases) therefor I can’t make a full list.

1. Park Kyung

Because he is a cute bunny

With a habit for picking his nose on broadcasts

and a signature dance move

Who isn’t afraid of speaking before thinking

A song without his “aight” just isn’t a true Block B song

2. Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

His smile is the brightest and most radiant thing ever. He is so cute.

Yet so hot, especially when performing.
 Like, he is super awesome at both singing and rapping

not to mention his unbelievable dance talent - no seriously, let’s not even go there.

Gotta love this goofball *sighs*

I’m tagging: jihoongi, whoisparkkyung and pyo-jihooon

“ Help me ? “ - Hoseok ( part 2 )

You keep looking at your boyfriend , you didn’t make love since his departure and you missed this , so you decide to prove him how alone you was while his missing time. You run your finger the long of his thigh pulling down his short. His member stoop proudly on his belly , you smile , it’snot the first this that you make it with him but you always love to know that he got exited for you

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