Kingsman AU → Hongbin

“People always underestimate my skills. Is it because I’m always behind the computer?” Hongbin pondered to himself. Every single recruit that has passed through those doors has always commented at how Hongbin is only here for his knowledge and skill to hack and has no ability to do anything but that. “That’s exactly it,” Wonshik replied, sitting down beside Hongbin. “You just need to find a time to show people what you’re made of.” Wonshik knew how much Hongbin had struggled with this and he knows how skilled he is. “You’ll get your chance, you’ll see.” Wonshik was due for another mission along with Sanghyuk and he had a sudden thought, “Why don’t you go with me and Hyuk? I’m going to need another pair of eyes. Hakyeon won’t mind.” Hongbin’s eyes glittered with joy and excitement, “You’re the best.”