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<3 walvisje

MARLIES! You want an essay too!  I don’t know how long or short this essay is turning out so lets see.

I know you for a really really long time now.. I even met you before I started with tumblr. And my tumblr is 2 years old. And like Tseu, I met you somewhere else online and not tumblr. You’re the grandma from that place. And I’m the mother. Hahah! We both like the same things. Music, boys, etc.  And fangirling about boys. And we both hate dislike the same thing.. :’)))))

Shit. I don’t know what to write… *awkward silence*

And thanks to you ( and Angel) I started playing Aion! You’re the one who helped me with leveling my char and all my quests. Omg, I think that without you, I don’t even know that I can heal myself. ( haha remember the first time? I was dying the whole time cuz I don’t know that I can use my weapon and healing skill. I was fighting with my hands. Like a boxer. But a boxer won’t die if he fights with hand and I.. I do. :’).  And you told me how to make pretty screenshots for my aion-tumblr. You’re my teacher ^^.

You’re the one who introduced me to the legion, and our big friend Gakt! ( we divorced ;—; *cry moment*. And I’m going to cry for real if he’s going to read this LOL) Lately I’m not really online but I promise, I’ll level my asmo! And my elyos char. Cuz she’s still not level 60 yet!

And I met you, twice!  Once with Melissa and once with Tseu!. The first time with Melissa. I came  a little bit later and you both went for pee. I was standing alone there while everyone is walking a gave me that: ‘’ Awwww look at that poor girl. She has no friends. Such a loner.’’ And then I was like: ‘’ Bitch, don’t give me that look. I HAVE FRIENDS. THEY ONLY WENT FOR A PEE OK.’’ ( Cuz you are my friends, right? ^^ ) And she walked away with her friends around her. You guys can pee really long. I was texting with myself so I look don’t look like a loner. And finally, YOU BOTH CAME!

We went to eat fastfood, cuz fastfood is cool. And we went to Saturn cuz I wanted a new smarphone. At the end we stayed there for 3 hours and we just put everyone who made a selfshot with those  ‘’ you can try this phone out so you can see how awesome they are-phones’’ and put it all as BG. And there was a dude we made like 20 pictures from himself and you can see that he was posing for the camera. /DIED

And we to the televisions, And saw me, on TV! How awesome! I looked so cool there!  It was Melissa who noticed me, haha!  And we also went to the laptop place and the dude that came to us and asked if he can help us :’). And after that we watched television. A concert from.. Britney? But I remember there was an hot Asian dude who was also there.

And the second time meeting with you. Tseu and I couldn’t find you. ;—; At the end we just went to the wrong side looool. I got a lot of wtf-thoughts in my head.

I was walking outside with Tseu and my mind was : ‘’ OMG, where the fuck is …. ( you described where you were) And while Tseu was walking like a normal girl, I walked like a hobo. ‘’My feets, they are dying. Freezing. Omg why can’t I just wear boots. Or at least wear other shoes and not Vans. Why is it so cold. Weather wants me to die. /cry. Tseu had no idea what I was thinking.  :’)

Buuuuuuutt, at the end we found you and we went to the sushi restaurant. ( While I was freaking out, walking to that place. YOUKNOWWHY. DON’T SAY IT xD ) and of course, FISHPHOTOSHOOT!


This essay is full with random, so not important stories. While you are writing a good, normal essay like everyone, I’m writing hipster-essay :’)



I’m hitting the 700 words!

Well, same as Tseu, I die a lot. And I mean A LOT!!!!!! In our whatsapp groupchat ( With Melissa)

We talk about random stuff that only we would laugh :’). And autocorrecting is our best friend there. Without that. There was no ‘’zaad’’ ( credits to Melissa) And after ‘’Zaad’’, There was ‘’Walvisruft’’  and ‘’Koelak’’.  Zaadspat, Koelak, Walvistruft FTW! Haha! We are Nachtbrakers. Still messaging when normal people went to bed and go sleep, we talk about random stuff. Omg and when you all talk about Batsendekip. /cry.And we tell each other everything in that chat, hahaha. No shame! xD

 Jank, om me horrible English. People are going to laugh so hard about my grammer faults. Sorry, I can’t write proper English. I only can write in Engrish.Why is Engrish not a subject at school. I bet I can get A’s there.

 You’re asking me how I write essays with +500 words. Well, let me say, it’s really hard. And your essays can turn out really lame as well…

 Soooo, you’re also going to be my room-house-budyy in the future. With our cats. You’re the one who is saving boxes for our beautiful house. We have to find a location too! Idea?

I’m going to end this essay Marlies, I tried to make a whole book-essay for you. And I think if I write more, it will turn out so ugly.  :’)

Next time, I’m going to treat you a bubble tea too, cuz I was so stupid to forgot the place. HOW THE FCK CAN THAT HAPPEN??!! IT’S IN MY OWN TOWN. Like wtfff. How is that possible. But Yeah,it happened. /cry ;—;.

Marlies, lets meet each other soon with Tseu and this time also with Melissa! Yaaay!


I Love You Zaadspatje!! We are soulmates! <333




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✰ Write some nice stuff about your granny :')

Marlies, or Mar in short. Or Piet if she likes you.

She is one hell of an awesome girl. She has a lot of OTL-moments when talking about age (she’s not even that old omg) (that’s why she calls herself granny). She is one of the most spontaneous girls I’ve ever met and I look up to how honest she is. Even though she re-edits her posts a lot after regretting it lol :’)

She has this I-don’t-care-what-you-think-attitude that I really like, cuz I’m simply not like that. She does what she likes, and is so incredibly stubborn. She can be really mature, but sometimes it scares the hell outta me how the same girl can turn into the most childish person you’ve ever met too O_O YES YOU MARLIES.


Also, basically she is the one who ruined me.

She told me to get a tumblr.