MaleXMale Fanfiction

I’m taking a small pause from today’s spam to advertise some of my favorite OTP fanfictions.  There are so many fantastic pairings that are not featured today (I’m one person, I can only do so much) that are well represented in stories.  All of the following stories are stories I have read and quite enjoyed, so I wanted to share them with you.

(Reader discretion is advised)

Breathe  [Rated M]
Himup: Himchan/Jongup (B.A.P)
I cried, so so much.  Beautiful one shot by someone that has become a close friend of mine.  I read it without even shipping them and I just fell in love.  Well written. If you like this you can check more of her stories out here and here. 

Why are you in my life…AGAIN?! [Rated M]
JoonMir: Joon/Mir (MBLAQ)
It’s an easy and the chapters are short but it’s definitely cute for anyone that pairs these two.  

Shut Up and Dance [Rated M]
Eunhae: Eunhyuk/Donghae (Super Junior)
I want this story to be updated so bad!!!  Normally I wouldn’t put an incomplete story on a list like this but that first chapter was SOOO GOOOODDDD!!!  It’s down and dirty if that’s your type.  

My OTP Stories: 

The Best Breakfast  [Rated M]
Jongkey: Jonghyun/Key (SHINee)
Jonghyun and Key have liked eachother for a long time. When Key makes Jonghyun a tasty breakfast opportunity comes up. What do the two men do with this chance?
This was my first ever male pairing story that I ever wrote.

My Little Rockstar  [Rated M]
Joonew: Joon (MBLAQ)/Onew (SHINee)
Onew finishes another performance of Rock of Ages. Feeling a bit down and lonely he starts to leave but is greeted by a surprise audience member.
I loved writing this one.

An Unwanted Reunion  [Rated M]
Yunjae: Yunho (DBSK) /Jaejoong (JYJ former DBSK)
TVXQ gets invited to perform their new single “Catch Me” at a major awards ceremony. Despite their success Yunho can’t help but struggle with his thoughts when he runs into someone unexpectedly from his past. How does he react to this sudden reunion?