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Pip and Seras’s nightly assaults on the undead had gone well, until a paladin slinked from the shadows and smashed Seras’s back with a silver maul. The walk back was almost unbearable; but it was close to an end.

“Ow ow ow ow ow.”

“Just a few more steps Seras.”

She leaned on Pip, taking small steps to avoid hurting her already injured back. Pip, for his part, was almost carrying her. It did little good, even tiptoeing across the cold stones jarred Seras. Pip could feel the tremors that ripped through her body and the spastic clenching of her fingers with each step. The comforting door to her warm room slowly crept closer, step by agonizing step. After an eternity of anguish they reached the door.

Pip bumped it open and helped Seras in. He walked her over to her soft bed and gently laid her down. He wanted to help her, but didn’t know what to do. He could go ask someone, but didn’t want to leave her. Seras’s sobs were not even slowing. Determined to do something, Pip sat by her and started to rub the area around the wound. She tensed suddenly, not expecting to be touched.

“It’s okay, mignonette, I’ll be careful.”

He was gently soothing the abused muscles of her back. He circled around her shoulders and neck, careful not to touch the knot of agony in the middle. As the pain quietly ebbed away Seras was slowly allowing herself enjoy the sensation and eventually she was simply breathing quietly. Pip began to push a little harder and massaged a wider arc, his fingers making soft whispers on her clothes. He caressed Seras for several minutes before he stopped. Briefly, Pip wondered if anyone had ever touched her like this.

She needs this, Pip thought and leaned close.

“Seras, can you take off your shirt?”

Numbly, she pushed up on one hand and used the other to unbutton her front. He took the bottom of it and pulled it over her head, letting her lie down. With her shirt gone Pip could finally see the damage done to her. An ugly purple and black bruise throbbed between her shoulders. As he watched, the edges receded; but it would be hours before it finally vanished. He leaned over her, letting his body heat flow into Seras before touching her. He started rubbing the base of her head; pushing out little knots as he moved up and down her neck. He waited for the stiffness to fade before soothing the sore muscles of her shoulders. His palms pushed against her shoulders, pressing against her her neck with each caress. After a minute he felt the stiffness drift away and moved lower.

He skirted around the bruise and stroked her right arm. Pip kneaded her bicep and Seras let out a sigh. He went lower, softly massaging her forearm and hand before he treated her left arm to the same. He moved to her lower back, trailing his fingers across her. He pressed into her skin and glided his hands from her ribs to her hips. Seras began to moan as he pressed into the small of her back, so he began to concentrate there. He worked his fingers along the ridge of her spine, pushing down from her injury to almost her waistline. Feeling the small bumps caused from stress and strain, Pip rocked back and froth across them pushing harder with each pass.

Seras shuddered and sighed as Pip massaged her and slowly her breathing began to quiet. Pip looked to the clock. It was a few minutes to dawn and soon Seras would be asleep for the day. He paused for a moment, admiring the curves of her body, before lightly running his fingers along her sides, across her arms, and stopped with her neck. Pip moved off of her and pulled the pink blanket up to her shoulders. He sat down by her and caressed her soft hair. He bent down and kissed her forehead.

“Dormis bien, Seras.”

Seras mumbled something, but it was to low for Pip to hear. He kept stroking her hair until she was asleep; thinking of how he would finish that evening.


I am a monster too. | Delusor

Walter C. Dornez : Delusor [World Cosplay]

Photography: Mistiqarts [World Cosplay]
Retouch: Borivoje Naumovski [AVATAR.designs]

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