Metroid Prime II: EchoesSpace Pirate appreciation post HD

Someone asked that I post a set of close-up whole body shots of Space pirates, which I can easily do a render set of each (Like a do with Samus’ suits) however, Dolphin isn’t working (typical… I really hope my saves still work) I hope this is good until then. 

Also, to whoever sent the request, I have (obviously) seen it, but havent replied so that I dont forget to put up better shots when I get Dolphin running. My apologizes and thank you for the request!


Borderline (Kenneth Macpherson, 1930)

An excellent, if brief, silent feature starring Paul Robeson and the poet HD. The film is brilliantly shot and features exquisitely complex, occasionally humorous montage (Robeson’s image is intercut with trees, rivers and mountains, his white male counterpart is featured alongside tall grasses). And most importantly, it’s the rare silent film that relegates the white characters to being drunken layabouts. Highly recommended.