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"take me laser tagging and then push me into a corner and kiss me. then shoot me and walk away" skysolo au


-Han is a high school senior, Luke is a freshman. It’s 1986. 

-This is their first date. They got pizza & soda in those cute little paper cups with the pastel designs, that they carried and sipped on in the little awkward silences that fell over them as they walked down the street to the arcade

-Han smiles at Luke, who blushes furiously, and nudges him in the direction of laser tag

-For some reason, Han is REALLY good with the laser gun. It’s actually kind of uncanny. Luke not so much, which Han finds adorable.

-Luke looks around the dark room nervously because he doesn’t see or hear Han- who then jumps out from behind him and Luke yelps, and it’s probably the most precious thing that’s ever happened in the history of ever.

-Han tells Luke to “Chill out, kid.” before pushing him back against the wall and kissing him hard. 

-Luke staring up at Han with wide blue eyes, and Han ruining the moment by aiming the gun at Luke’s chest and deadpanning: “Bang.”

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prompt: modern/college au. obi-wan and anakin are in a study group together. obi-wan wants to study. anakin wants the d

-Anakin Skywalker is a freshman. Obi-Wan is a teaching aid for the class, and a senior.

-Obi-Wan is tutoring him because Anakin “just isn’t grasping this chapter” and “could really use” his help.

-Obi-Wan in a button down and probably chinos, brow furrowed and scratching his beard absent-mindedly, intensely grading quizzes.

-Anakin in skinny jeans and an oversized vintage sweater (both black, obviously) and doc martens, his curls falling in his face, he’s toying with a pencil in his mouth, staring at Obi-Wan

-Obi-Wan looks up: “Focus, Anakin.”

-And Anakin smirks at him, focus never breaking: “Oh, believe me, I am.”

-Obi-Wan probably profusely blushing as Anakin stands up and walks over to his side of the table, sitting down next to him, their knees knocking into each other.

-Anakin cutting off protests of “you need to focus on this chapter”s and “the test is tomorrow!”s with a kiss.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how Obi-Wan Kenobi, lost his virginity. 

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Religious!Dan and Punk!Phil fucking in a church

-Dan being left to lock up the church one day because their usual preacher (his Dad) is at a conference and the guest speaker left in a hurry. He’s locked all the doors except the front one as he plans to lock it behind him, and he’s making his way over there when Phil walks through the big wooden doorway. One door is left ajar, the one Dan was planning to exit via. 

- “Phil?! Why are you in here?” Dan asks him. Phil is the guy he’s been tutoring in Religious Education at school, because for some reason Phil took it at A Level and doesn’t know a thing about. “I just wanted to see you,” Phil replies innocently, though his expression is the furthest thing from innocuous. 

-Dan tries to gently push Phil back out of the church, but Phil pushes back and suddenly Dan is crowded up against the one door that is already closed. “P-phil?” Dan questioned, blushing and visibly flustered. In place of a response, Phil cups Dan’s face and pulls it down so that their lips collide. Dan lets out an embarrassing moan when Phil’s tongue pushes past his lips, and Phil pauses kissing him to mark his neck with a dark bruise.

-Dan leaning over a pew as Phil fingers him, stretching him and pleasuring him at the same time. Dan lets out little moans that become louder and more shameless as his pleasure grows

-Dan holding onto the wrought-iron circle that serves as a handle for the front door, bent over as Phil fucks him into oblivion. 

hc that the camp has a karaoke night and everybody’s having a great time and of course leo is belting out “THIS BOY IS ON FIRE!” and nico is surprisingly good as he sings “creep” and then it’s percy’s turn and he gets “jar if hearts” and he starts to sing and right away you can tell that this song means something to him (and it’s definitely not about an ex) because his voice is SO heavy when he sings the lyrics “learn to live, half alive/and now you want me one last time” and every single one of those demigods are completely silent as percy pours his heart into the song— as he twists the lyrics into something other— and by the time he’s finished they’re all crying because they know, THEY KNOW what it’s like to feel like nothing but a tool for the gods. to feel discarded until they’re needed to do their parents dirty work. the gods get a lot of prayers that night from their children, asking to be normal, asking for a sign, JUST ONE, that they are more than just a chess piece on the gods gameboard, asking for the nightmares to stop, asking for a simple thank you. the weather was a bit chaotic after that.

WELCOME ! All Current and retired Transformer fans! I am here to tell you about a group that is like a.. “Save Haven” For TF fans. Personals, Art blogs, Rpers, Fanfic Writers etc… 


Now we all know the Transformer fandom has gone downhill and has gone downhill fast. Within the transformers community, it seems Unicron has taken his toll and cursed it with toxicity. People all around in different fandoms have retired from the fandom because of how corrupt it can be. All of us have met amazing people in this fandom. Others.. Not so much. There are people within this fandom who have not been to kind to one another. 


I am here to present a group. A save Haven for people who adore Transformers but are afraid of the fandom its self. This group will not include Applications. We welcome all nice people with open arms. You are aloud to take as long as you wish to make a blog, to have activity on that said blog and more. If drama was to strike, it will be handled the right way and talked out between people nicely. There will be no name calling, there will be no shaming, no anything. You will talk it out and go back to normal roleplaying and being friends. For example:

“I dont like the ship you ship” “Cool” “Cool” – Still friends going back to writing.

I maybe no Optimus Prime. 


Nor am I anywhere close to being like Optimus Prime. We all have our faults. Our mistakes. Our regrets. But all is forgiven within this community with friends.


We all will know one another, and we all will be allies and comrades. My leadership skills may not be the best, but I am here to try. I am here to bring you all peace and joy within this fandom. If one speck of toxic smudges on the window, what are we going to do? Grab the window cleaner and take a paper towel to it. Unicorn will not corrupt this corner of our fandom. We, the fans will unite and keep our home alive. He will not win this battle. We will fight back. And we will win. I am not backing down to meanness. I’m not letting it win. Nor will you. Nor will any of us. We fight for fandom freedom in this group. No one will tell you how you should run your blog nor will anyone will send any kind of hate. You’re aloud to rolepay the same character as someone else. You are aloud any verse. You are aloud anything but meanness. And that rule will stick.

Untill All Are One

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i need steve and danny growing old together. steve and danny retiring and lazing around the beach reminiscing about past cases. "remember when you dangled that guy by his ankles off a building?" "Danny why do you still bring that up that was 50 years ago!" danny and steve taking a dance class together because even if it isn't as romantic as their dates used to be they're just content with being in each other's company :))

im sorry i forgot to answer this one

i love my gay dads

imagine john and sherlock lying around in bed all day, because it’s sunday and they have nowhere to be. neither of them have shaved, showered or even bothered to brush their teeth since yesterday, and when they’re starting to get hungry they decide to order pizza. they don’t even bother to move to the kitchen to eat it, they just go back to bed again (because they’re losers)

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Hey! Great to see another Haikyuu! imagines blog! Could you do a a scenario where Daichi starts falling for a person that works out at the gym the same times he does? Or a headcanon on how he would start to fall for them and them decide to ask them out?

writing headcanons bc faster

  • okay so thighchi daichi goes to the gym when he’s stressed
  • and how can he not be stressed when he has 10 children to care for
  • ANYWAYS so like he’d totally have mini competitions with you like who can run at a higher pace on the treadmill longer or who can bench more
  • and like you would jokingly invite him to your pilates class
  • you’d be really surprised bc wow hot dad daichi showed up
  • daichi would be really exhausted after like wow who knew pilates was pretty rigorous
  • and you would question him like “wow i cant believe you showed up”
  • “of course i showed up, the girl i like invited me”
  • like he wouldn’t even hesitate
  • and then he would continue to show up to the class with you, being your partner during stretches
  • after one class when you’re particularly tired, he’d offer to take you to get a smoothie
  • and then continue to talk with you all throughout the time you site and drink your smoothies
  • at the end he’d be all “I’d really like to see you again, preferably outside of the gym
  • how can you say no to hot dad thighchi

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luke/han/leia tho where han is dating both luke and leia and they respect eachother as siblings

I like this so much bc they are both smol and he is tol. he would walk around the rebel base like he’s so cool bc he has two hot significant others, but he would actually just love them so much and be a total cheese ball omg

mgsv au where everything is the same except when you go to get eli it’s in the middle of a party in the boat and all you hear is the kazoo kid remix on repeat
eli actually has a kazoo and everyone is dancing like they werent trained for war

quiet is confused and venom just wants to go home

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"Danny.. stay. Please, I want- I need..." "What do need babe? Anything, I'll give it to you." Steve takes a deep breath, "I need you, Danny." Steve wakes up in the middle of the night to his mattress shifting. He groans and holds Danny closer. "You said you'd stay." "Does it look like I'm leaving babe? Go back to sleep big guy." Steve holds him closer, and whispers in his ear "Aloha au ia 'oe, Danny." In the moments before sleep takes him, Steve swears he heard Danny whisper, "Forever yours" :))

youre killing me

Funfact: Addressing him by his true name of ‘Robotnik’ rather than ‘Eggman’
will earn you like 10x brownie points from him. Esp if it’s on the first encounter.
He doesn’t mind, but wow is he ever impressed that anyone actually remembers.

Phan Smut HC

Really cute fluffy Valentine’s Day smut :3

-Phil picking up Dan bridal style and gently puts him down on the bed.
-Dan giggles and kisses Phil with so much passion, and love while Phil responds with the same.
-Phil undressing Dan and himself while telling Dan just how beautiful he is.
-“You’re so beautiful… I’m so lucky to have you” Phil says. Dan blushes.
-Phil stretching Dan as he moans softly.
-Phil pushing into Dan and groans from Dan’s hot and tight hole.
-“More, please Phil” Dan whines.
-Phil thrusts into Dan until he comes saying, “I love you Dan” and Dan coming saying, “ah, love you Phil”
-Phil cuddling Dan and says, “Happy Valentine’s Day Dan.”
-Dan responds, “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you a lot”

Send me more HC’s! Please!!

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sun has great legs. who can deny this. they’re long, strong, and on the thinner side. like i said, sun has had a long life of exercise+labor, but most of their strength is unsurprisingly upper-body strength, so their legs in comparison aren’t really as strong. their calves are pretty toned, and they have softer thighs.

as for their gait? you know that one gifset that’s like “when you walk, stand tall and think ‘murder’”? that’s how sun walks.