Body temperature headcanons for dmmd boys

Clear- always the perfect temperature for cuddling or holding hands. Manufactured that way.

Mink- always too hot and he’s like a furnace to sleep with. Also gets sweaty when he sleeps.

Noiz- a bit on the cold side but still warm enough. Tummy and chest are warm but hands and feet are cold.

Koujaku- pretty regular but he gets hot to sleep with like Mink

Virus- fucking freezing. Probably anemic or something.

Trip- warm and good for cuddling but won’t let anyone get close enough to appreciate it.

Aoba- always feels cold but is warm to the touch. This kid wears hoodies on hot summer days.

Ren- extremely warm and likes to cuddle but anyone he’s cuddling usually gets too hot.

hi okay an anon asked what mickey smelled like & why ian likes it and i accidentally published it early. anywayy

mickey….. -sigh- mickey milkovich. what does mickey smell like?

mickey smells like dirt. like sweat. like missing showers. like running around at fifteen, head pumped full of dopamine, heart pumped full of slick palms and thick thighs and grunts of faster, harder, jesus fuck. like the backroom of a filthy convenience store, like sweat collecting in the hollow of your throat, like licking it off someone else’s neck. like running. like running for your life, like running for play. like being sixteen in an empty field, pressed up against a fence and hoping the boy beneath you lets you press harder, harder, harder up against the metal. like burnt pizza rolls and bashful smiles and gun powder. like hiding in a makeshift obstacle course, like not leaving for days. like being seventeen with hands on your waist, on your wrists, pressing down on the bed. like beer. like salt. like blood. like gentle kisses to the head. like falling asleep hot and tangled up and not caring at all. like cigarette smoke and strong weed and bruises all over. like being scared and hurt and confused and angry and so, so in love.

god damn it. mickey milkovich smells like home.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about ians and mickeys angry sex? Like them heavily arguing and screaming at each other and suddenly ian pins mickey to the wall, they are so close to each others faces, they can feel the others breath on their lips, and soon they're making out intensely and ripping each others clothes off IM SQUEALING

you are DISGUSTING. who wants to think about ian grabbing mickey’s hips to grind roughly against him, biting harshly at his neck and ripping off his shirt so fast it tears a little at the hem? who wants to think about mickey pulling ian back in for a biting, bruising kiss as soon as his shirt’s clear, wrapping a leg up on his waist and pulling ian in tighter against him? ian shoving him back so he can undo their jeans, then turning mickey around right there on the wall to fuck him rough while he keeps biting at his neck and hissing about how fucked up angry he is?

like, who even wants that??

my fave hide headcanon is that he is a meme and talks to kaneki about memes on a daily basis and kaneki’s like rlly chill bout it even tho he doesnt even understand what a rare pepe is

callmegallifreya asked:

What with Steven Universe and Ultron now, Alcor needs a gem too. So. The niblets find a chunk of amber and use it in a deal - lots of memories made in the finding, and it's a fossil so double points. He eats it. In his saiyan form it sometimes appears on his chest, and as his power grows there is some unease and speculation that /holy shit maybe he has an infinity gem/. Bonus trivia: the infinity gems are said to be the remnants of an all-powerful being that committed suicide due to loneliness.


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bottom ian is great but have you thought about shy ian? not sure what to do with mickey cus he too hot?? mickey guiding him through a handjob and giving ian the best blow job and teaching him the ropes of incredible sex? HAVE YOU THOUGHT?

have you thought about letTING ME LIVE MY LIFE

mickey showing ian exactly how he likes to get jerked off, so that when ian figures it out himself, mickey lets go of his hand and lets him do it alone and just rocks against him, moaning into his neck. mickey getting tired of ian’s slow, tentative thrusts and turning them over to ride him the way he likes it. mickey kissing ian slow and deep, or pressing his mouth to his neck so that he can suck appreciatively at his skin when ian does something he likes.

boyfriends. communicating. about what they want. through touch. fuck

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i am seriously addicted to your hxh headcanons ;A; could you please tell us your head canons for how feitan, shalnark, killua, hisoka, phinx and Kalluto like to kiss/cuddle there s/o? sry for the long ask but i love love love your brain <3

tbh, I already did some in the regular “romantic headcanons” that I was sent, so why not have more? And I’m glad you love me brain. I love it too, otherwise I’d be dead! Furthermore, I think it’s pretty obvious on who my favorite characters are…


  1. Slow kisser. It takes a lot to work him up to turn a simple, slow, kiss into a full on make-out.
  2. Feitan likes having his partner either sit directly in his lap or on his knee while he’s reading his Trevor Brown art books.
  3. If you ever watched/read YYH, you know how Hiei always seems to sleep/nap in trees? Feitan’s the same way, and he prefers holding his partner close to him as he catches a few minutes of shut eye in the trees. It’s also the excuse for him to be the big spoon.
  4. Feitan is prone to kiss/bite nip at his partner’s ear/neck/shoulder while they’re sitting in his lap, just to rile them up.


  1. He does chaste kisses
  2. He’s the big spoon while cuddling.
  3. Shally kisses his partner’s cheek a lot.
  4. He wraps his whole body around his partner.


  1. Bruising. That’s the best why to describe his kisses.
  2. He is fond of his partner sitting directly in his lap.
  3. Uses his partner as a blanket tbh.
  4. Fond of kissing the back/nape of his partner’s neck.


  1. If you kiss him, you best make sure it is a long and hot one. Unless he initiates it, Hisoka is not fond of quick little pecks.
  2. He’s all for having his partner sitting, facing him, in his lap with their legs wrapped around his waist. It gives him full access to bury his face in his partner’s chest.
  3. Hisoka litters his partner’s chest and neck with kisses/hickies.
  4. As for “innocent” kisses, he places them on his partner’s temple and behind their ears (however if they kiss him behind his ears, they best be ready for a long night).


  1. Kalluto is for quick pecks on the lips.
  2. When cuddling in bed, he likes to be the big spoon.
  3. He cuddles into his partner’s side when sitting next to each other.
  4. Kalluto likes to leave butterfly kisses on his partner’s fingers and hands.


  1. Killua likes to Eskimo kiss his partner randomly.
  2. When cuddling in bed, Killua likes laying face-to-face and hugging his partner to him while nuzzling their neck.
  3. All for hugging his partner from behind and pulling them down on his legs.
  4. Killua is known for blowing/nipping his partner’s neck/ears, which he’s fond of lavishing those areas with mere grazes of lips.

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Okay, so I see a lot about the answering machine where it's Mabel/Mizar either seeing popular tunes on an endless loop/reading Twin Souls excerpts to traumatize Dipper/his summoners, but has anyone actually thought of having a recording on the answering machine of Dipper singing one of BABBA's hits, like Mabel found an old recording of him singing Disco Girl, or him, Mabel, and Stan singing &sandra's Taking Over Midnight?

She’s totally done this.

Best part is, since Dipper never really listens to his own answering machine (why would he?), it stays there for years before he finds out about it. Probably somewhere on the internet, with some anon talking about how they tried to summon Alcor and got a squeaky prepubescent boy singing some terrible pop song.

rk—- ( daejong ) x mandarin ducks

Mandarin ducks, as they are always in pairs and stay together forever once they have found their soul mate, are regarded as a symbol of pure eternal love and marital bliss. They are known as yuan-yuang in the Chinese language. These mandarin ducks are amazingly affectionate creatures. According to a Chinese legend, if such pair of mandarin ducks gets separated they find it difficult to survive. They can die because of loneliness and grief of losing their partner.