The Marauder’s animal forms changing in appearance in response to the boy’s personal lives though

Sirius gets a haircut for the first time in a while, and Padfoot is a lot less shaggy

James becoming more mature in years six and seven, and Prongs’ antlers grow from short and youthful to tall and majestic.

Peter becomes the target of bullying and Wormtail’s whiskers grow longer, making the mouse appear older with stress.

Remus not eating on the day of the full moon because he feels sick during the day and there’s no way he could keep food down during his transformation, so Moony appears somewhat thin, and very hungry.

Sirius having a huge fight with someone and that night, as he’s still cooling down, he changes into Padfoot, who somehow looks almost feral.

James, after a particularly vicious falling out with Lily, appearing sullen and lost, and Prongs’ fur becomes longer, a bit mangled, like he’s been struggling alone in the forest for a very long time.

Peter beginning to feel pressured by the Death Eaters, and struggling with the decisions he has to make, unaware that Wormtail’s light, mousy brown fur was becoming paler and paler the more he fought with himself.

Remus becomes more comfortable with the idea of his friends accompanying him during his Moons, and Moony slowly becoming slightly less wild in appearance and becoming almost playful with his animal companions.

Sirius changing in Azkaban for the first time  because he just needs to escape from the hell that is his life, and Padfoot seems so small, whimpering quietly on the bed as the man he shelters sobs inside his mind

Remus struggling with his transformations now that he’s alone and his self-loathing is at an all time high now that he can’t even get a job, and Moony becomes the terrifying monster Remus pictures in his mind

Peter realizes that he regrets what he’s done and that he’s too afraid to leave the service of the Dark Lord, and he curls up in the pocket of a redheaded wizarding child very skinny, very shaky, very sickly, the very image of the fear that controls his life

Ron and Hermione exchanging looks everytime Harry mentions Malfoy a little too much is one of my favourite things like:

Hermione raising her eyebrow at Ron anytime Harry brings Malfoy up in the conversation

Ron nudging Hermione anytime he notices Harry staring at Malfoy. Then uses his fingers to count how long the stare actually goes for, before mouthing the number back to her

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smittenjolras and grantaire wearing glasses that's all i'm saying

The first time Grantaire comes to the meeting wearing glasses, Enjolras is standing on a chair and making a speech. He almost loses his footing when he sees Grantaire, black-rimmed glasses and all, standing at the back of the room, smirking like he knows that Enjolras wants to rush through his speech just so he can finish it and do something more productive like press Grantaire into a wall and kiss him senseless.

He doesn’t, though, because he’s got his priorities straight, and goes back to his speech. He figures that Grantaire would get bored of trying to seduce him with his face and his glasses and his fucking everything, and turn to chat with Joly and Bossuet, but instead Grantaire is actually listening to his speech, actually focusing on Enjolras, and fuck, Grantaire knows what it does to him. But he won’t cave, and show any signs of distress, because he’s got the determination, and the electoral reform is important, and he should focus on finishing his speech and educating the public.

But then Grantaire slowly slides his glasses off and sucks at the tip of the earpiece of his glasses, and Enjolras chokes because that’s not fucking fair, and he should have expected that because Grantaire doesn’t play fair. 

Let’s imagine for a second how Chesh would have to explain certain Oyster things to Hatter (pizza being the obvious one, and apparently she didn’t do that great a job there):

  • “Yes, marshmallows…No, they don’t make them from that anymore. It–It’s more like, a sticky sugary gelatinous meriguey sort of puffball, and you put it on a stick and roast it until its outsides are all crisply burnt and then you stick the blob between two graham crackers with some chocolate…I don’t fucking know who Graham is.”
  • “I’m not takin’ a piss! Peanut butter. It just – well this one’s exactly like it sounds. And it’s a really good way to incapacitate a dog. Or make a horse look like it’s talkin’ on the telly." 
  • "A rollercoaster is sort of like…you sit in a little car that takes you on a track up and down and sometimes upside down and it’s supposed to make you feel terrified and like you’re going to throw up but also a little bit like you’re about to fall in love.”
  • “Drive-in movies are, well were when you’d go in your convertible and watch a zombie film played on an outdoor screen with a zillion other cars in the lot and all gasp at the same time and then get horny from the scares or bored from the cheap production value, whichever, and want to do the nasty with the soda jerk you came with until you remembered you were outdoors and in public and had to pull the roof up. Supposin’ you were conventional like that.”
  • “A zombie is. Well, look, alright, they’ve changed in representation. I’m not gonna argue the semantics over what exactly it is. They’re the living dead, one way or another.”
  • “You. You’re a soda jerk.”
  • “I can’t tell you what the point of a frisbee is exactly, but dogs will piss themselves over one.”
  • “Birthday parties involve lots of helium balloons and water slides. And pizza. And coca-cola, but it’s not the kind with the cocaine anymore. Though you wouldn’t know that from its effect on the lil’ half-baked oysters. And clowns, to teach the children what fear is.”
  • “Well the put MSG in everything now to make you want to eat more of it so watch out.”
  • “Hot dogs aren’t really made from dogs. Allegedly.”
  • “They really fucking call it Wonder Bread. And it tastes and feels like cotton balls and the plastic wrap looks like a recycled Twister mat.”
  • “Twister is…oh shut up.”

if john got killed on a case you fucking know sherlock wouldn’t rest until he’d found and slaughtered the people who did it and he’d be shooting up cocaine every few hours to help his brain work faster, forgoing sleep and food and drink and every second he’d be struggling to delete the image of john’s lifeless body and blank, staring eyes from his mind palace except it’s been burned in there and there’s nothing good in the world now that john’s gone and he has to clamp his hand tight over his mouth to keep from screaming and sobbing with the unfairness of it

draws so bad mg

so ye the reason why he wears his dingus gloves all the time, gotta hide the scary tats ya feel

right has no effect on anything aside from protecting him, but if he touches a spook w/ the left there’s gonna be a lot of pain [[[[for both]]]]]]] but if he’s wearing gloves its ok nothings gonna happen



“Thank you so much, it really is a pleasure. While the boys chose a selection of songs that casts an eye inward on the irresponsible life choices and sexual hunger of today’s modern teens we have chosen a selection of songs that speaks of the nation as a whole during these troubling times filled with economic uncertainty and unbridled social woes, because if there’s two things America needs right now, that is sunshine and optimism! Also angels.” - GLEE S01E06 (VITAMIN D)