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Hayley and Baby Mikaelson - 64 Multitasking

hayley and her daughtermultitasking

(a/n: au future fic)

Having a child is nothing like in the movies, or in the books, or anything she’s ever heard of before. And no matter how many parenting manuals she’s gathered, or how many online classes she takes, Hayley Marshall has no idea how to be a mom.

She doesn’t like cooking soup for herself and carrying little Charlotte Mikaelson in her arms, with one ear on the phone and the other attentively listening to Rebekah’s soft humming while she cleans the house.

“Momma,” the small child says, as Hayley places in her high-chair for safety precautions.

“Yes Charlie?”

Charlie places soft, chubby hands on Hayley’s face, pinching her cheeks in the process. “I wove you.” She whispers softly.

And the she-wolf can’t help but smile.

(Sometimes, being a mom is really really hard, but Hayley thinks that it’s all worth the pain if it means seeing her daughter smile).