Hanjoo - Do You Want Some Help? NC-17

a/n: CONTAINS SMUT - Do not read if you don’t want to see the sexy times ok hope you enjoy this imma go to church now

It was too quiet, Byungjoo decided when he first entered the dorm. Normally after he had come back from his daily run the other members of Topp Dogg would be getting up to no good, but today was different. There wasn’t a soul in sight. Byungjoo vaguely remembered Sehyuk asking if they should eat out tonight, obviously everyone agreeing. They must have left without the dancer, not even realising he was missing. A quiet sigh escaped Byungjoo’s lips, whether it a sigh of sadness or relief he did not know. At least he would get to have peace and quiet for a little while.

He moved towards his bedroom which he shared with Yuncheol and Jiho. The top bunk in which he usually slept on looked too far away for his liking and he was too tired to climb up the wobbly ladder after his run. He decided to rest on Yuncheol’s bed for a little while, just until they all came back to the dorm. It wouldn’t do any harm.

As he lay down on the bed he realised that he was covered in sweat. He couldn’t be bothered to move and have a shower but he managed to slowly lift his sleeveless shirt over his head and throw it to the floor. The cool air hit his naked torso and he let out a happy sigh. Eye’s closed, he rested his hand on his bare stomach. Goosebumps developed on his skin and he suddenly felt curious.

It had been a while since he had been alone in this dorm - actually it was probably the first time. He was free to do whatever he wish without the other members knowing. He could take all the food, he could throw a party (not that he had many other friends to invite), or… He could freely pleasure himself. His heartbeat quickened at the thought of doing so and he immediately decided on what to do.

It had been a long while, and he would be able to release a lot of stress that had been building up, so why not? 

Byungjoo slowly moved his hand hand down his stomach, his fingers tickling his skin, until he reached the waistband of his shorts. Not wanting to waste any time, he slid his hand skillfully underneath both his shorts and underwear and wrapped his palm around his already semi-hard length. How he had got this hard at just the thought of touching himself was beyond him.

His breath hitched at his own touch and he arched his back ever so slightly. His hand shaking slightly, he slowly pumped it up and down his length. Somewhere deep down, he was afraid that the members we really home and he had to assure himself they weren’t. Feeling calmer, Byungjoo quickened the pace of his hand, pleasure overcoming him. His free hand was moving all over the place, trying to find something to grip onto and it ended up entangled in his own hair. He let a moan escape his lips as he pumped harder, wanting more pleasure. Before he could even stop himself, constant moans were spilling from his lips as he came closer and closer to his climax.

Just as he felt he was going to release and be overcome in ecstasy, he heard the bedroom door creak ever so slightly.

He ripped his hand from his pants and shot up on the bed, eyes wide. Standing in the doorway, eyes also wide, was Hansol.

“Hyung!” Byungjoo cried out in shock. “I thought that everyone- you guys- you went out!” He stuttered hopelessly as he fumbled to grab a pillow. Even though he was still clothed on his bottom half his erection stood out in his thin basketball shorts.

“I-I stayed back.” Hansol said, his voice squeaky.

Not knowing what else to say, Byungjoo averted his gaze. What else was he supposed to say in this ridiculous situation? His friend had just walked in on him fucking himself and he was most angry that he didn’t even get to finish.

“D-did… Did you finish?” Hansol’s question took Byungjoo by surprise. It was almost as if the older boy was reading his mind.

“No…” Byungjoo trailed off.

Hansol nodded slowly in reply and began walking towards the younger dancer. He sat down on Yuncheol’s bed, just a little too close for Byungjoo’s liking. Byungjoo shuffled away, his back pressed against the head of the bed.

“Do you want some help?” Hansol asked.

Byungjoo stopped breathing for a second as the question registered in his mind. Did he hear his hyung correctly?

“Excuse me?” Byungjoo choked out.

“If you want, I can help you finish.” Hansol repeated, edging closer to Byungjoo.

“I-I…” Byungjoo was at loss for words. He definitely wasn’t gay - he loved girls - but for some reason the thought of his hyung on his knees before him sucking him off set his stomach on fire. A quiet whimper slipped past the younger’s lips at the image of Hansol doing such things and he clasped his hand over his mouth.

“Don’t be afraid, Joo.” Hansol murmured and he moved forward. his body hovering over the younger’s.

Before Byungjoo had the chance to even register the sudden nickname (which, by the way, he decided he liked), Hansol’s lips were roughly pressed against his own. Byungjoo wanted to protest, to push his hyung away and yell at him for doing such things but he couldn’t bring himself to stop it. He could only sit frozen, unable to move.

When Hansol moved his hand to Byungjoo’s hair something inside of the younger clicked. He felt as if every missing piece of himself had be found and he was now whole. He felt as if had found what truly made him happy, and that was Hansol.

Instinctively moving, Byungjoo pushed the older dancer onto his back and moved to straddle him, the pillow previously covering his erection carelessly thrown aside. Hansol squeaked as his back hit the hard mattress and he looked up at the suddenly dominant Byungjoo.

The younger male leaned down, breath tickling Hansol’s neck as he whispered in his ear, “How can you help me?”

Hansol smirked and Byungjoo’s words and placed his smooth hands against the younger’s bare chest. “However you like.” He replied.

Byungjoo wanted to waste no more time in talking and crashed his lips on Hansol’s soft ones. The way they fit perfectly against his own sent him into a spiral of bliss. A small taste of perpprmint made its way into the younger’s mouth. Immediately wanting to taste more, Byungjoo bit down lightly on Hansol’s bottom lip earning a gasp. Byungjoo took this chance to thrust his tongue into the other’s mouth, exploring every inch that he possibly could. It wasn’t enough for Byungjoo, though, he needed more.

Byungjoo moved his hands down Hansol’s sides and slipped them under his shirt, feeling his silky smooth skin against the palm of his hands.

“Take of your shirt.” Byungjoo ordered, mouth still against Hansol’s.

The older male obeyed and pushed Byungjoo away to pull of his shirt. Once the piece of clothing had been removed from his body it was discarded onto the floor as if it were a piece of trash.

“Tell me Byungjoo,” Hansol’s voice was husky, laced with lust, “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Byungjoo moaned quietly and moved off of Hansol. He didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he did know that he probably shouldn’t do it. He had realised though that he was already too far in to back out. Hansol noticed Byungjoo’s doubt and moved onto his hands and knees, crawling towards Byungjoo.

“What is it?” The older started, sliding his hands up Byungjoo’s thighs and under his shorts. “Do you want me to give you a handjob? Do you want me on my knees with my lips around your cock? Or do you want me pressed up against the wall as you mercilessly fuck me while I scream your name so loud that the entire street will be able to hear?”

Byungjoo squeezed his eyes shut as he tried not to imagine each of the things Hansol suggested, but it was all too easy to picture in his head.

A loud moan escaped Byungjoo’s lips when Hansol’s warm hand wrapped around his length. While he had been trying not to think of his hyung, Hansol had managed to sneak his hand into Byungjoo’s underwear.

“H-hyung!” Byungjoo cried out in surprise, his back arching at Hansol’s touch.

“Tell me what you want.” Hansol demanded as he began stroking Byungjoo’s length at an agonizingly slow pace.

“I, ah! Hansol…” Byungjoo struggled to get out any words as he writhed under Hansol’s touch. He never knew being touched by somebody else could feel so much better than when he would shamelessly fuck his own hand.

“I’ll keep teasing if you don’t tell me.” Hansol stopped stroking and rubbed his thumb over the tip of Byungjoo’s dick, wiping off the pre-cum in the process. Byungjoo thrusted up into the touch and immediately felt ashamed that he was acting this way.

Wanting the teasing to stop, Byungjoo said the first thing that came to find. “I want you to suck me off.” He breathed out, desperately trying not to moan.

In one swift movement Hansol had removed his hand from the younger’s pants and pulled his legs so they were hanging off the edge of the bed. Hansol moved to sit on the floor in front of Byungjoo, his knees pressing into the carpet.

“Let’s get your pants off.” Hansol smiled sweetly as he stretched the waistband of Byungjoo’s shorts. 

The younger lifted his bottom, allowing Hansol to easily slide both his shorts and underwear down his legs. Byungjoo’s erection sprung up, almost pressing against his stomach and he went red at how hard he became from doing this with his hyung.

Hansol’s smooth hands were once again sliding up Byungjoo’s legs and he involuntarily spread them as to allow Hansol better acces.

“I can’t believe…. We’re doing this.” Byungjoo breathed out as he gripped the bedsheets with his shaky hands. 

Hansol just giggled in reply before running his tongue over the tip of Byungjoo’s dick. Byungjoo let out a shamefully loud moan and raised his hips, begging for more. Hansol complied to Byungjoo’s wished and took the younger’s length into his mouth. Byungjoo gasped as the older male began bobbing his head and sucking hard on his dick. In that moment he decided that he very much liked his hyung’s mouth around his dick.

Not wanting to have Hansol gagging, Byungjoo had to refrain for thrusting up to meet Hansol’s mouth everytime his slid it down his length. Hansol wasn’t able to even take the younger’s whole in his mouth, but he made up for it by wrapping his hand around the base of Byungjoo’s cock.

Byungjoo let out another moan and threw his hands into Hansol’s soft hair. He tugged on the hair at the nape of his neck causing Hansol to moan around Byungjoo’s cock. The vibrations sent Byungjoo into another spiral of bliss and he decided that this was all too much. He wasn’t going to have his release without Hansol getting any pleasure as well.

Byungjoo pulled Hansol away from his crotch  and crashed his lips against the older’s once more. The faint taste of his own pre-cum lingered on his lips, but he didn’t care.

Hansol moaned into the kiss and Byungjoo pulled the older closer, wanting to hear more of his moans. Byungjoo pushed Hansol down onto the bed, once against straddling him. The younger began trailing kissed down the older’s jaw and neck, occasionally stopping to suck and lick, purposely leaving what would soon become a hickey. 

Seeing his hyung a moaning mess and writhing underneath him probably would have been enough to send Byungjoo over the edge but he wasn’t anywhere near satisfied. He moved his hands down to the zipper of Hansol’s black jeans and began to hurriedly pull them down his legs. Hansol laughed at how much Byungjoo was rushing and helped him remove to unwanted pants.

With Byungjoo completely naked and Hansol in only his underwear, Byungjoo was beginning to think that pleasuring himself was the best decision he had made in a long time. Byungjoo took in his hyung’s figure, his eyes devouring every inch of his flawless body.

“You are so perfect.” Byungjoo mumbled as he ran his fingers down Hansol’s side.

Hansol squirmed under his touch, making whining noise.

Taking this as a sign to hurry it up, Byungjoo jumped into action.He wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing since he had barely done this stuff with girls before, but he had faith in himself and believed Hansol would lead him anyway.

Byungjoo pressed his lips against Hansol’s inner thigh and slowly dragged his tongue up the older’s leg. He stopped when he reached the boxer shorts and decided that they needed to go as well. Hansol lifted his bottom and helped Byungjoo drag the unwanted piece of clothing down his legs. Hansol was completely vunerable now as he lay beneath Byungjoo, his cock standing proud. Byungjoo unconciously licked his lips and moved down to kiss the tip of Hansol’s erection. Hansol let out a moan and trembled slightly.

“Don’t tease!” Hansol exclaimed, raising his hips.

Byungjoo smiled sweetly in reply and pressed his tongue against the base of Hansol’s cock before running it painfully slow up to the tip.

“Byungjoo…” Hansol moaned beathlessly, moving his hands to Byungjoo’s hair. Byungjoo pushed away Hansol’s hands and moved up to kiss his lips again. He lightly tugged on the older’s bottom lip.

“Now you tell me, Kim Hansol, what you want me to do to you.” Byungjoo sounded confident but he was feeling the complete opposite.

Hansol moaned once again as Byungjoo slowly grinded their cocks together. Hansol cried out the younger’s name and arched his back. He  gripped Byungjoo’s shoulders so tight his knuckles were slowly turning white.

“You know what I want.” Hansol spoke quietly, staring straight into Byungjoo’s eyes.

Byungjoo raised an eyebrow and move his hand to cup Hansol’s face as he said, “But do I really?”

Hansol didn’t reply but instead tilted his head and took Byungjoo’s fingers in his mouth. His tongue ran over them a few times, soaking them in his saliva, before he popped them out of his mouth. The whole time he did not break eye contact.

“I want you to fuck me.” Hansol muttered, as if he was annoyed he had to admit. Even though he was the one who approached Byungjoo in the first place. 

Byungjoo obeyed - well, kind of - and moved his hand down to Hansol’s ass. He inserted a single finger into Hansol’s entrance and watched as Hansol’s eyes widened. Byungjoo realised that it would probably hurt Hansol at first and he felt bad. He stopped moving his finger and was about to say something when Hansol spoke.

“Keep moving,” Hansol insisted, his hands clawing at Byungjoo’s back when the younger inserted another finger. He bagan thrusting them, eventually moving them in a scissoring motion before adding yet another finger. By this time, Hansol was once again a moaning mess, but three fingers wasn’t enough for the older dancer.

“Joo, I’m ready now.” Hansol breathed out, entangling his finger’s in the younger’s soft hair.

“Hm?” Byungjoo answered, still thrusting his fingers.

“Stop teasing me!” Hansol tried to sound annoyed, but it came out as moans as Byungjoo found his prostate.

“What do you want?” Byungjoo teased.

“Fuck,” Hansol moaned, “Byungjoo, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me so hard I’ll be screaming your name.”

Byungjoo happily obeyed his hyung and removed his fingers. Hansol felt the sudden emptiness but only for few seconds as it was soon replaced with Byungjoo’s full length. Byungjoo moaned and buried his face in the crook of Hansol’s neck.

“You feel so good, hyung.”

Hansol replied with a moan as Byungjoo began thrusting into Hansol at a steady pace. Although that was quite satisfying enough, both of the boys knew they needed more.

“Faster,” Hansol breathed out, clutching onto Byungjoo’s back.

Byungjoo immediately began thrusting, not only faster, but harder as well and soon enough the younger had found Hansol’s prostate once more.

“Fuck, right there Byungjoo!” Hansol practically screamed as Byungjoo continuously his that same spot, every thrust getting harder and harder. Byungjoo didn’t know where to put his hands and he found them steadying Hansol’s hips so he could thrust harder.

“Fuck, Joo, I’m close.” Hansol moaned, his head thrown back and eyes closed.

Byungjoo took in the sight blow him. His hyung all sweaty, hot and breathing hard was too much for him to handle and he soon felt himself reaching his climax.

“I’m going to-” Byungjoo couldn’t finish his sentence  as Hansol screamed out his name. His walls tightened around the younger’s cock as he came all over their chests. Seeing the white fluids covering his hyung pushed Byungjoo over the edge and he reached his climax, releasing his own fluids onto Hansol.

Byungjoo realised how tired his muscles were now and he pulled out of Hansol. He collasped on the said boy, breathing hard. Byungjoo suddenly felt Hansol’s lips pressed against his neck and jumped slightly at the touch.

“T-thanks?” Byungjoo muttered, his voice unsteady, as he rolled off of Hansol.

“I’m glad I could help.” Hansol grinned as he moved into a sitting position. “But I didn’t think you would go along with it. Are you..?” Hansol trailed off, the question obvious.

Byungjoo shrugged and moved to sit beside Hansol. He placed a quick kiss on his lips before resting his forehead on the other’s. As Byungjoo opened his mouth to speak again, a new voice came into their hearing range.

“We’re back Hansol! You’d never guess what happened!" 

Both Byungjoo and Hansol’s eyes widened as they jumped up in attempt the find their clothes they had previously throw away. Byungjoo was cursing under his breath and he pulled on his pair of shorts, not bothering to find his underwear. He glanced over at Hansol and saw the older wearing his own shirt and underwear.

Deciding to ignore the fact that his hyung stole his clothes, he quickly found Hansol’s shirt and pulled it on just as the door flew open.

"Hansol! Byungjoo!” Sangwon shouted as he burst into the room.

Byungjoo quickly sat down on Yuncheol’s bed (which was a complete mess) and Hansol threw himself to the floor.

Sangwon was completely oblivious to the fact that both the boys were a hot mess and their clothing was thrown on the floor as he ranted about something that happened while they were out.

Byungjoo glanced over at Hansol, glad that Sangwon was the one who came in because if it were anyone else they would have been caught straight away.


Offensive Topp Dogg Moments

I don’t want to clutter up the list, but I've received a lot of questions about why I make these lists since I am a Topp Dogg fan and do not want to hurt Topp Dogg or their fanbase. You can find a brief explanation here


  • During debut era, Stardom marketed Sangdo as the “exotic/foreign/black” member (Source: pretty much any interview from debut era)
  • They had Sangdo and P-goon tan so they would look darker and they were given spray tans before going on stage.
  • Sangdo and P-goon’s hair, clothes and styling in general during debut era were very culturally appropriative because Stardom was trying to make them look exotic/foreign/black.








  • Beast, a track from his mixtape, includes the line “Fuckin’ homo rappers get out”*
  • Casual misogyny and body-shaming in Guess Who
  • Bitch is misogynistic and includes the line “Your face with its sharp nose is worthy of a punch” in reference to the girl he’s rapping about
  • Happy is entirely about killing the man who stole his ex-girlfriend and bringing his head to her (and then potentially killing her too).
  • Predebut track 춍춍봉갱춍 has some lyrics about people starving in Africa, including “fly to Africa/Starve for only 1 year and come back”

*This line was actually Chancey the Glow’s line, not Yano’s. However, it was a track on Yano’s mixtape, so he’s responsible for what’s on it. 

If anyone has anything that I missed or any additional sources or information, please let me know! This is just the first draft and I want to be as thorough and accurate as possible.