I’ve been doing laundry all week but haven’t had the energy to fold it and put it away. Why is that last step so hard for me? Anyway, I was tired of sleeping with it so one 20/10 and it was unfucked! You can see that Hannah is not impressed lol

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Wendikids au variant where some sentient version of the curse itself gives Josh Hannah's human body and soul back in exchange for taking the rest of his friends and turning them into what Hannah had been. In a situation where he actually accepts, he and Hannah (who has no memory of anything beyond falling into the mines) return home, Josh tells Hannah the others are dead, and he spends the rest of his life trying to rationalize his decision to himself and trying to tell himself they deserved it.

dang son, thats some fucked up shit

imagine how shit scared he’d be when he inevitably finds out they got rescued off the mountain and are in rehabilitation and hannahs confused as to why hes so scared to see their friends again, he always told her they were dead for some reason and he never told her what happened to beth and shes just frustrated and angry that people are keeping so much shit from her, especially josh


Hannah ( @carefullychaordic they joined tumblr two days ago, finally ) danced around my kitchen talking about a lovely movie they saw. Then we bought mango and they did cartwheels on the grass outside my apartment , they’re the best person in the whole world, I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

Long time no see, guys!
I’ve been to lazy to upload anything lately
Here’s some last year cosplay pics.
photo by Michail Solonin

me as Hannah from amazing comic - Rat Queens
I just love this story -It reminds me of my old AD&D days.
My character was pretty much like Hannah herself - snarky elven mage with twisted sence of humor.
Oh, I love Dungeons and Dragons so much it hurts.