Yesterday (February 12), my amazing friend told me about this local LGBT+ valentine’s dance that was happening that night, so I gave it a shot! I went by myself and seeing everyone in groups of two or three made me feel super awkward.

Eventually, I decided to try to interact with a group of three, one of whom I recognized from past GSA meetings I’d attended! She was busy talking to one of the two other people she was with, so I went up to the third, enthusiastically introduced myself (explaining how I am super bad at socializing like this and trying to give it a real try today), and she introduced herself in return… aaaaand then decided to ignore me and go back to her friends.

A bit uncomfortable, I introduced myself to a couple other pairings of frightened-looking 14-year-olds so that they wouldn’t have to feel as awkward as I had. Realizing no one was very interested in extending friendships past the cliques they’d come with, I decided to go home after about ten minutes.

Today (February 13), the same friend who had told me about the dance invited me to a GSA picnic, so naturally I went! I had an absolute blast and met so many kind and funny people, it was awesome, I’m so grateful. ☺️ About an hour in, the SAME GIRL who I had introduced myself to the night before showed up, and started telling people about the dance.

“There was this girl,” she started (note I’m paraphrasing slightly), “who came up to us and was all like’HI I’M HANNAH,’” she recited mockingly, “and she left after like five minutes, like she got there at the same time as us and left after FIVE FUCKING MINUTES.”

Clearly, she had not seen me sitting less than five feet away from her.

My friend turned to me, eyes wide. Another person mouthed to me “was that you?” to which I nodded slowly, hysterical giggles rising in my throat.

After the girl finished her story about me and moved on, I stood up, turned to her, and gushed, “Hey _____!!! GREAT to talk to you last night!!!!!!”

You should have seen the look on her face.

~The End~

February marks three years with my wonderful girlfriend, Karlene ( @joyful-beam ) Over that time we’ve seen each other change and grow and we’re both doing very different things now to when we first got together. She changed her major mid-degree and I’m only just going back to university (after a two year break) to do part-time study which will probably take me ages. She’s always given me unwavering support and never worried about where the degree will take me and how it will affect our future.

I want to give a huge thank you to Karlene’s friends who, in turn, became my friends. You’re all so supportive and wonderful to us both and I’m very lucky to have you all in my life now too, you’re honestly incredible, kind and generous people and thank you for accepting me so readily. Happy Valentine’s day to you all (because we all know there are many types of love), I hope it’s a great one. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Karlene, I’m so grateful to you and proud of absolutely everything you’ve achieved, I can’t believe that you’ll soon be a teacher. I know this is sappy, but I miss you and I want you to know how much I love you – spoiler alert: A LOT. We’ve managed to make the best of long distance even though it can be so hard, and I know sometimes the future looks foggy from 10,000 miles away, but I’m excited to map it out with you. Happy Valentine’s day, and thank you for three years, here’s hoping for many, many more to come.


I’m official Yogscast Trash ! I know ! ;w; <3

Got the new merch I ordered in the mail today, and I was so hyped about it that I decided to create two different makeup “looks” to go with each T-shirt >w<
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