To follow Park Jungsoo, wherever he leads us, to cheer for Kim Heechul at any cost, to respect Hang Geng in his every decision, to sing with Kim Jongwoon, every note and melody, to accept Kim Youngwoon, as well as all his flaws, to appreciate Shin Donghee, regardless of appearances, to adore Lee Sungmin, every side of him, to watch over Lee Hyukjae, as he rocks the stage, to support Choi Siwon in everything he does, to protect Zhou Mi and his beautiful smile, to give strengh to Lee Donghae, when his tears threaten to fall, to take care of Kim Ryeowook, the way he cares for all of us, to believe in Kim Kibum, no matter what, to listen to Cho Kyuhyun, for as long as his voice exists, to stand by Henry Lau, every step of the way. To cover the world with Pearl Sapphire blue, to love SUPER JUNIOR, for as long as my heart allows me to. 

My name is ELF.
And this is my promise. 


anonymous asked:

I have a question im trying catch up to heechul history lol i read somewhere that heechul was heartbroken before (idk if before or after being in the army) meeting gunhee again and getting close? Do u know what or the reason why people say that?

Basically Heechul had been very close with former SJ member Hangeng, obviously some people thought he had a bit of a crush but at any rate he felt really strongly about their friendship and when Hangeng left he was really torn up about it. He actually cried on stage throughout a whole song during their first show after Hangeng left, and if you look at the pics taken from behind him you can see he was sitting directly in front of Hangeng’s section so he was facing all the signs with “HANGENG” written on them.

He also left quite a few extremely emotional posts after he left that kinda gave the sense he was more hung up on Hangeng than usual close friendships.

Then later on he admitted to having been depressed in the months after and basically didn’t leave his room for about 3 months, and was having “dark thoughts” until the other members (Eunhyuk specifically) helped him get out of that place. For a couple years after you could tell he wasn’t his usual self, he stayed pretty moody and just seemed like he was in a funk more often than not. He still used photos of him with Hangeng as his profile pics years later and posted not-so-subtle birthday playlists on Hangeng’s birthday.

He also wrote the lyrics to Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” which a lot of people think are referencing Hangeng, and in my opinion they come off as pretty obviously about him or at least inspired by what happened, especially the parts about someone “disappearing without telling anyone”.

Later when he got close with Gunhee again you could really see a change in his attitude, and he posted about this himself basically saying that he had been unhappy before but thanks to Gunhee he’s been able to find himself and be happy again.

So whether things with Hangeng were a close friendship or if Heechul felt something more than that, it’s obvious he felt really strongly about their relationship and him leaving suddenly left him “heartbroken” in a sense. But Gunhee’s been able to help him get past whatever he went through and he always seems back to his old self whenever they’re together.

Going in and out of hiatus as a gengfan:
  • Me: Hmm, what are you up to nowadays?
  • Han Geng: I'm producing an action/sci-fi c-drama and I play the lead.
  • Me: Ohhhh that sounds awesome.
  • Han Geng: My gay French movie passed the censors and will be released later this year.
  • Me: Oh, finally? About time.
  • Han Geng: I became an astronaut so that I can fly to space and look for aliens, pew pew!
  • Me: Wait, I was still around for that...
  • Han Geng: I have like 5 cats now.
  • Me: Um.....
  • Han Geng: I became a monkey last year.
  • Me: Wait, wh-
  • Han Geng: Now I'm a professional racer, vroom vrooomm!
  • Me:

february 09th, 1984. happy birthday to the loveliest, most talented, hardworking, dorkiest shining star ♡ thank you for all the smiles, love and laughter you have given us. i’m so proud of you and everything you do.

What Super Junior would post if they ran a Tumblr Blog

Leeteuk: He would be very open with his followers, like they were all his babies LOL. His blog would be those travel/hipster type bogs that always post a bunch of white sheets and blankets. 

Heechul: His blog would definitely be Anime, with the occasional Frozen fan art. I feel he would also post a lot about the J-rock groups/bands he listens to and some poetry now and then. 

Hangeng: Because his home and family are in China, he would post a lot about the scenery and history of it. However, his blog would mainly contain puns that are so bad they’re funny. He’d have a multi-fandom blog, but he wouldn’t be too involved in theorizing. 

Yesung: His blog would always seem to be on a spam of couple goals, but when he’s not re-blogging black and white gifs of cute couples hugging, he would be posting a lot of art, fashion, and music of bands you’ve never heard of. 

Kangin: Sports, movies, and random stuff that pop up out of context. His blog would be quite personal, but also end up super popular. He would be the type of blogger that doesn’t socialize with his followers unless they send him asks, but he would be VERY friendly and loving. 

Shindong: I feel like Shindong would have a lot of gaming and tv production.His blog would always have tutorials and cool facts that you probably don’t need LOL

Sungmin: FOOD. His Tumblr would be similar to his actual blog. Food, fandoms, and couple stuff LOL Except it would be on the couple he is actually in. He’d be popular among his followers and be very social with them, even gaining a few of them as friends. 

Eunhyuk: The funny blogger, the one that all of his followers have a crush on, whether they’ve seen his face or not. He would only reblog things about the fandoms he is a part of and would post a lot on his theories and ideas for whatever he is into. Also, the occasional dirty joke or gif would pop up without warning. Yes, he would be THAT blogger. 

Zhou Mi: He’d be the blogger who’s friends with all of his followers, he’d encourage people to come to him with their problems so he could help them. But while he wasn’t doing that he’d be blogging about his own experiences and posting his own pictures. 

Siwon: His blog would be full of puppies and random stuff he likes, including religion quotes. However, he would end up spamming your dash with funny pictures and gifs. 

Donghae: He would rant to his followers about his crush or his day, or random stuff he likes. His blog would just be a bunch of random things he likes: puppies, american artists, movies, every fandom you can think of. He would be crazy popular though.

Ryeowook: Food and cute art, with the random spam of couple goals like twice a week LOL He would be the friendly blogger who gets lots of cute asks 

Kibum: Although I don’t know much about Kibum, I feel his blog would be very personal. He’d post reviews of movies or books he likes, Write about his own life and be pretty open with who he was. I feel he’d be the type of blogger that people follow just to get to know him~

Kyuhyun: Food, travel, and gaming. He would be the blogger that seems to never be off of Tumblr. He’d ALWAYS be night-blogging, no matter what time of day it was. He’d always complain a lot about how hungry he was LOL

Henry: He’d be the blogger that posts 1 pic of himself every month but end up with thousands of reblogs in barely an hour. He would have those love yourself motivational quotes, puppies, and be full of positive happy stuff.