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Now all the people that were complaining that I was making a big deal about this comeback being a big fucking deal can sit down. SuJu SAID that if this time they don’t do well, it won’t be good for the group.

We literally have to make sure that they win awards, that they top the charts, that they get a fuck ton of views on the MV, and that they get support. We have to vote our asses off, and show them that ELF aren’t going anywhere.

To all you ELF’s that are saying that they’ll be fine, I don’t think you understand that the our boys are fucking scared of failing. Yesung fucking cried because he wants them to do well, wants to be with the members and have it be like the old times where they were on top of the world.

They know a lot of fans have left, they know what happens in the fandom, they aren’t blind or stupid. They have legitimate worries and we need to take this fucking seriously. I won’t see this group fade away because ELF are too lazy to stream, vote and support their supposed UB group that they love so much.

These men have touched my heart and have made me so happy and I’ll be damned if I become the source of their sadness.

Super junior reaction to how they would cheer you up if you were having a bad day.

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Leader Teukie would quickly take you into his arms and give you a big hug. Forgetting that he was just back from dance practice and probably drenched in sweat. But you didn’t really care. He would understand what it would feel like to have a bad day, and he always knew that you tried your hardest to cheer him up. Teukie would automatically take you by the hand and lead you to the couch and just cuddle you until your bad mood slips away and all you can do is just enjoy his company.

‘You always know how to cheer me up.’

‘Because you are my everything, Y/N.’

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The music junkie that is Kim Heechul would automatically play Cheer up baby, by Twice (Sorry I had to lol) and dance all the moves so you would forget your bad day and just smile and laugh at his goofy action. Once he found you happy again, he would grab you to dance with him before pulling you into his arms and placing a sweet kiss on the top of your head.

‘You just had to play that song, didn’t you?’

‘YAH! It made smile, didn’t it?’

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When you walk into the apartment in a bad mood, it would take turtle boy just a few minutes before realizing it. He is slow, forgive him. Yesung would eventually go to the kitchen, brew you an amazing cup of tea before finding you in the bedroom on the bed. He would place the cup on the side table before pulling you in his arms and singing sweetly to you, eventually having you drift to sleep in his warm embrace.

‘Your voice is just so beautiful, Ye.’

‘Not as beautiful as you, my love.’

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Manly man Kangin would automatically pick up on your mood and would be by your side right before you even had a chance to take your shoes off. He would lace his fingers with yours and guide you to the couch, placing a blanket over you before disappearing to the kitchen and then arriving with popcorn, a whole lot of junk food and some hot chocolate. Placing it all down, he would make himself comfortable with you and put on a soppy film so you would feel better.

‘I know you like this one, babe.’

‘And I love you, Kangin…’

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Jokester Shindong would do everything in his power to make you laugh. Once you crashed on the bed in a big huff, he would figure you needed some cheering up. He would try his best joke material on you that eventually he would run out and you would finally laugh at how bad they were and how sweet he was acting, regardless of the horrific jokes. Realizing you were feeling better, he would kiss your forehead.

‘Where my jokes that bad?’

‘Horrible, but you are simply amazing. Thank you…’

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Minnie would just be a big ball of fluff. He would be like Kangin, automatically pick up on your mood. Sungmin would take you to the couch and hold your hands, look into your eyes and tell you to tell him why you were so upset. He would want you to take out all the bad vibes so he could then cuddle you on the couch and constantly remind you how much he loved and cared for you.

‘I am always here for you, Y/N. Remember that, okay?’


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Funnily I would think that Eunhyuk would be like Yesung. Clueless at first, but would probably take a longer time to realize you need some cheering up. Arriving home, he would notice you just lying on the bed. He would place a kiss on you forehead, heading to shower before coming back and seeing you in the same position. Noticing the small tears, he would forget about changing fully and would pull you into his bare chest and caress your hair, wiping the tears way and pulling the most monkey face he could muster.

‘Did it work? Did I cheer you up? I know I suck at these things.’

‘You were perfect, Hyuk…thank you.’

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Soft hearted Zhoumi would see the sad look on your face, and without mention of a bad day, he would pull you into a hug. Rubbing your back softly as your face is smushed against his chest. You would slowly wrap your arms around him, and automatically feel him pull you closer and whisper soft words into your hair. He would then pull away from you softly, placing a hand on your cheek and caressing it with a gentle look in his eyes.

‘Bad day?’

‘It’s getting better now.’

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2005 - Hankyung was only allowed to perform on 2 music show programs.
2006 - Heechul’s accident after attending the funeral of Donghae’s father.
2007 - Car accident involving Jungsoo, Shindong, Hyukjae and Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun was in comatose for four days and needed 4-6 months to recover from it.
2009 - Hankyung filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment and officially left Super Junior.
2010 - Kangin’s car accident which led him to enter the military service.
2012 - Hyukjae’s scandal with IU.
2014 - Death of Jungsoo’s grandparents and father.
2015 - Kibum offcially left Super Junior.
2017 - Sungmin’s marriage controversy, Kangin’s drunk driving incident and now Siwon’s dog bite case.

From 13 members to 12 to 11 to 7 and now 6. Not even sure if Siwon will still continue to promote after his controversy. Whatever his desicion will be, as a true fan I will support him and the group. I’ve been a fan of this group for almost 9 years and I am sure that I will still be a fan for the years to come. No matter what they say about this group, I will continue to love them and support them. If one member decides to get married I will be happy for him instead of hating his wife. I am not after for any awards I just want them to sing on stage again and perform just like what they are doing for the past 12 years. I am so sorry for being emotional, but I just feel like Super Junior doesn’t deserve any of these. It seems like the media is really having fun of putting them down. Why can’t they just leave them alone and let them be happy?

I am wishing all the best for this group. I will never stop believing to see them perform with 13 members again, also with Henry and Zhoumi.

I love you Super Junior.
Thank you for inspiring me in so many ways.
I will always be here, cheering for you guys.

Super Junior and ELF: Imperfect but REFINED.

Super Junior, one of the biggest and most successful kpop groups to ever emerge. With their global phenomenon hit song: Sorry Sorry released in 2009, indeed Super Junior has earned its name as the “King of the Hallyu Wave.” Super Junior is one of the pioneers of the globalization of kpop. But like any other group, getting there wasn’t easy. Super Junior is an imperfect group. Truth is, no group ever is. Not TVXQ, Bigbang,Highlight/BEAST, EXO, BTS, Wanna One, Girls Generation, 2NE1, Twice. NOT ONE OF THEM IS PERFECT. Thinking otherwise would be subjective in many ways.  Super Junior had their issues and scandals, these include the major car accident where several members had their lives hanging by a thread, various cases of Kangin’s behaviour, Kibum’s whereabouts, Hangeng’s departure, the discrimination against Henry and Zhoumi, Sungmin’s boycotting issue, I could sit here all day and talk about what Super Junior has been through. Despite all these, Super Junior may still be imperfect but through these hardships,


Super Junior has become a refined team as they are today because they had the biggest fanclub in the world, and that was ELF. The EverLastingFriends. Some may seem to call it, Fandom, Fanclub but to ELF, its Family. ELF has been with Super Junior since Day One and together, Super Junior and ELF shared the tears and the laughter. ELF, through Super Junior has seen it all.

The cruelty of the Entertainment Industry and the prejudice of the world.

Some ELFs left but most remained. The question was, why? Friends, ELF stayed because Super Junior was family that was worth the tears and the cries every night before we sleep. ELF is a fucking hell everyone wants to avoid. ELF is an ocean but the sensation is like that of fire and it doesn’t get any better. Every year, they’d leave with very little hair and a wide smile. It’s painful to see them go, to not see them for quite some time.

ELF is a painful place to be. We cried many times, their tears were also ELFs’, their cries would also become ours. The pain of what SUJU and ELF has been through is no joke. Some committed suicide, some cut their wrists. Entering this fandom, I warn you is not all unicorns and rainbows. The rain and winter came upon us everyday but no matter.

No matter how painful it gets, No matter how hard the road will be, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. THERE’S  NO PLACE LIKE THE SAPPHIRE OCEAN.

SUPER JUNIOR AND ELF cant be what they are now without the refinement. SUPER JUNIOR AND ELF cant be without the trials.

SUPER JUNIOR AND ELF is an ocean tested by fire. Super Junior and ELF withstood the fire and remain standing. We are an imperfect fandom with an imperfect group but WE ARE REFINED.

Throw bricks and stones, but WE WILL STILL BE THE LAST MAN STANDING.


Super Junior reaction to telling them you have OCD after dating for a few months

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Behavioural: compulsive behaviour, agitation, compulsive hoarding, hypervigilance, impulsivity, meaningless repetition of own words, repetitive movements, ritualistic behaviour, social isolation, or persistent repetition of words or actions

Mood: anxiety, apprehension, guilt, or panic attack

Psychological: depression, fear, or repeatedly going over thoughts

Also common: food aversion or nightmares


Okay so Leeteuk being the leader would understand the obsession of having everything to be perfect and the obsession of a tidy and clean environment. At first he would think it was a good thing you were so innocent, but once he notices your actions are very repetitive and you are having social isolation, he would start asking you what is wrong. Eventually you would confess and he would be very supportive about it, and also sad that you didn’t tell him sooner because he would have been a bit more observant on you, making sure you didn’t hurt yourself.

‘Do you hate me?’

‘Why would I hate you for such a thing, Jagi? I am just sad you didn’t tell me sooner.’


Heechul would be very oblivious to your actions at first due to his busy schedule, and honestly wouldn’t think much about it but once you start experiencing anxiety when you around a lot of people, he would click something was up (he is slow lol, forgive our Heenim). You would then try hard to hide everything until you completely have no control and finally come clean to him. Of course he would be shocked, but nothing short of making sure you are okay all the time. Giving you a sweet kiss and smiling softly.

‘I’m sorry, I was just afraid.’

‘You should have told me! I don’t like seeing the ones I love suffer…I want to help.’


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