Netflix accounts are selling for 25 cents on the black market

Netflix accounts have long been available on the black market for low prices, but as the service has grown internationally, there’s been a greater demand for cheap access to the streaming service. A recent blog post from cybersecurity company Symantec reveals that stolen Netflix accounts are selling for as little as 25 cents an account. Hackers are using 2 tactics to steal your account.

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It may not come as a surprise if you’re following me but I love Pokemon. So for those of you interested, I’ve started a side project of making a rom hack for pokemon red. The goal of the hack is to fix up all of the problems with the original red and blue (better pixel art, more balanced Pokemon, etc) while still keeping the feel of the original games. If you’ve ever played the 25th anniversary hack of Earthbound 0, it’s basically the same idea.

This is just a side project so updates will be slow, but you can learn more about the project here:

Messed up your code? Now you can just blame someone ...

But, where there’s one cheeky hacker there’s always another cheeky hacker doing something perhaps even funnier. Enter SilasX who’s released: git-upstage. This code lets you claim credit, with a “smarmy message,” for work you didn’t do, …

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Talking Car Automation Computer is like KITT without the ...

… out the demonstration video after the break. If OBD-II car hacks are more your speed, try building an RGB tachometer. … if it is disabled in your browser. Posted in car hacksTagged car automation, data acquisition, FlowStone, Honda, labjack …

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Worked a bit more on the rom hack today.

One thing that always annoyed me about red and blue is how they handled water pokemon. Although it’s the most common type (32 of the original 151 Pokemon are water type), The only water pokemon you can catch before your 5th badge are Vaporeon and Magikarp!

So I’ve added a simple event in Pewter city that will allow the player to catch a Poliwag before their battle with Brock. That way you’re not screwed if you chose charmander as your starter.