gyusoo makes me extremely happy because it’s so cute and i love how sunggyu can just relax and be goofy with myungsoo a lot of times, being able to laugh freely without a care in the world, while myungsoo can just be all over the place with the hugs and the laughter and the always needing cuddles with sunggyu without having to restrain himself like he does with some of the others. sunggyu gives him his hugs and cuddles him and just touches him all the time and myungsoo just loves it because he kind of needs those cuddles all the time. and sunggyu is okay with giving those cuddles because myungsoo is such a good boy to him and is very respectful and just happens to look up to him a lot and just really, really likes him. sunggyu is one of this favorite hyungs, just like myungsoo is one of sunggyu’s favorite dongsaengs. and it’s just so damn beautiful and perfect and filled with rainbows and unicorns because it’s so cute.


infinite meme: four otps (¼)
↳ Sunggyu/Myungsoo

121124 - Myungsoo: I love you Kim Sunggyu
130424 - Sunggyu: L I love you
130425 - Sunggyu: Kim Myungsoo I love you
130425 - Sunggyu: @wowwh @hoya1991 Why are you like this to our Myungsoo? He has to take a rest to make a good work of art, Kim Myungsoo I love you
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