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i hadn’t found anyone who had done this yet so i decided to take action and do it myself! it is an earphone split, because i wanted to compare when sunggyu sung this in 2010 v. 2015, because there really is a huge improvement and i’m so proud of my baby bear for how far he’s come as a singer.
left - 2010 // right - 2015

p.s sorry for the super shitty abrupt ending they both ended really weirdly rip

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Being the boyfriend suits me, right? So… [`coughs] Hi, girlfriend. [`bites his lower lip in attempt of stopping his self from grinning cheekily]

Being the boyfriend suits you really well. [/covers her mouth with the back of her hand to hide her huge smile] I just hope I can be a good girlfriend~.

Some teasers of pictures that me and Lotten took during the concert. I’m so torn when it comes to sharing or not sharing it all haha guess I’m selfish like that (sorry). Also teaser fancam of Destiny and Paradise taken on my iphone [X]. When Lott Lott feels ready the ‘real’ fancams will be uploaded, but let me tell you the ’real’ ones are pure love ♡


can i just talk about the gyuyeol during ogs la
yes there was myungyeol and there was a hint of woogyu but gyUYEOL
i am personally a gyuyeol shipper (i ship gyu with everyone, but woogyu, myunggyu and gyuyeol are my favorites in that order, hence my “number ½/3 gyutp tag)
and like
while the other members were saying their goodbye messages they kept whispering to each other and screwing around and it was sO CUTE
like they are the least closest members but they’re still pretty close and opposites attract 
idk i just had to get that out they were so cute ;;

After having a small heart attack after seeing Gyu’s current hairstyle I gave up on life for a while but then I buried myself in my Infinite archive which is filled with pictures from a few years back, from a time when Sunggyu used to have great hair (LOL). Like this one, my all time favourite, which happens to be Sunggyu’s least favourite (I DON’T GET IT HE IS OBVIOUSLY BLIND), I don’t care what he thinks, I think he looked SEXY as HELL, the blonde, the shaved sides *dead*. OK end of rant or whatever this is….bye….