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Being the boyfriend suits me, right? So… [`coughs] Hi, girlfriend. [`bites his lower lip in attempt of stopping his self from grinning cheekily]

Being the boyfriend suits you really well. [/covers her mouth with the back of her hand to hide her huge smile] I just hope I can be a good girlfriend~.


can i just talk about the gyuyeol during ogs la
yes there was myungyeol and there was a hint of woogyu but gyUYEOL
i am personally a gyuyeol shipper (i ship gyu with everyone, but woogyu, myunggyu and gyuyeol are my favorites in that order, hence my “number ½/3 gyutp tag)
and like
while the other members were saying their goodbye messages they kept whispering to each other and screwing around and it was sO CUTE
like they are the least closest members but they’re still pretty close and opposites attract 
idk i just had to get that out they were so cute ;;

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Turquoise, Green, [`clears throat] White because-- Coral.

TURQUOISE: I would hug you if we’re met.

GREEN: I think you’re cute.


CORAL: I think my life would be incomplete without you.

I would gladly marry you– Also I could say the rest of these apply to you as well~


My favorite is Destiny but if I had to pick one of the songs you’ve done by yourself it would be Only Tears. The version you sang at your Second Invasion concert. [/nods]


We’re fine now. [/curls into you a bit] I think you’re both amazing. When you sing, I just- you can hear all the emotion in your voice. I love your singing voice.


I even called him an idiot and he got upset with me. [/huffs] If it makes you feel better, I can’t even do my own dances and I’m the main dancer….