The sun is not yet up over Maranatha Baptist Church, a little red brick building in a south Georgia pecan grove, and already the line to get in wraps around the sanctuary. Some near the front of the line slept on the church porch, or even in their cars.

The crowd consists of the faithful and the curious alike: They’ve gathered here this Sunday to try to catch the Sunday school teachings of former President Jimmy Carter.

The church, located in Plains, Ga., is Carter’s home church. The former president recently announced he was diagnosed with cancer – melanoma, which has spread to his brain. But he has made it clear that he won’t give up his regular teaching at Maranatha Baptist.

‘A Mighty Fine Teacher’: Hundreds Gather For Carter’s Sunday School

Photo credit: Grant Blankenship/GPB

Public Radio's Core Values (1.19.2012)

From today’s presentation by Jon Haban and Rickey Bevington, what struck home the most for me was Mr. Haban’s emphasis on the core values public radio seeks to exemplify.  The qualities of mind & intellect, qualities of heart & spirit, and qualities of craft can each stand alone to create a compelling story.  However, it is the intersection of these three points that really elevates the stories to the caliber of content public radio strives to provide its listeners.  Keeping these three qualities in mind will be a helpful guideline in pitching my spot for GPB.