Tyga flexes his acting abilities as he hits the set of Going Under with Bruce Willis on Tuesday (July 21) in Los Angeles, CA. This comes as the 25-year-old rapper’s second feature role following the just released Sundance faved Dope. Tyga is also confirmed to appear in the third installment of the Barbershop. In addition to his buzzing career as an actor, the young star is taking on the world of reality TV with MTV’s “Kingin’ With Tyga,” which premieres Friday, July 24. | Photos: PacificCoastNews, Splash News #tyga #brucewillis #goingunder #kinginwithtyga


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Video #19

Artist - Evanescence

Track - Going Under

Why I chose this video - Amy Lee has been a musical guilty pleasure of mine for years. She is beautiful, has a groundbreaking voice, and sings in a kickass band. I’d marry her, but I digress. This video is on the list because of the awesome visuals associated with the crowd at the concert. The slow-motion effects and the way the crowd turns into an ocean when Amy jumps in are really memorable

Defining Image - When the lead guitarist starts crowdsurfing while continuing to play the guitar. They cut to a view of him floating on top of the water/crowd and its an awesome effect.