Ok, Listen Up

I’m gonna tell you about a show that all of you should already be watching. However, as it seldom appears on my dash, I assume you aren’t. Sucks to be you, but there is hope. Hope in the form of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

On a rough description, the show sounds ridiculous. An Australian crime drama set in the 1920s? Uh-huh, I’m sure you’re all dashing off to Netflix now. But wait, hear me out, it gets better.

This show is on its third season, the first two are on Netflix. Basically it is about a Lady Detective solving murder cases with a dashing police inspector and a posse of others whom she has collected and added to her family and home.

Here is a picture of the main cast (8 or more episodes):

They are all white, I know. But just look at that female to male ratio. And within the whiteness, they are pretty damn diverse. Various socio-economic backgrounds, ages, political views, religious views, sexualities, etc.

Still worried about all the white? That’s legit. But you know what this show has? Lots and lots of recurring or one-off side characters. And you know what else? They are complex, developed, and interesting characters whose races are acknowledged and who are never treated as less by the narrative or by Miss Fisher. Here are a few:

Lin Chung

Nerine Rogers

Camellia Lu, and don’t even get me started on how badass she is

There are more, but these were the ones I could remember and find pictures for.

So there is that. 

Other Things in This Show:

Characters with PTSD

Characters with Mental Disabilities

Autistic Characters

Gay Characters



(Spoilers, but it’s also pretty obvious)



Scary Episodes

Amazing Character Development

Hot People Everywhere

A Kickass Intro You Will Never Skip

Excellent Soundtrack

Pro-Choice Messages

All the Feminist Messages Actually

Ladies Destroying the Patriarchy

Men Who Are Vulnerable and Emotional and Manly

Loving but Dysfunctional Families

Abusive Families

Whole, Happy, Biological Families

Whole, Happy, Found Families

Interracial Marriages/Love Stories


Political Issues from 1920s Australia

Social Issues from 1920s Australia, many of which are still relevant

LIKE ZERO SLUT-SHAMING EVER FROM THE STORY PERSPECTIVE, like there are some characters who slut-shame, but they are clearly shown as Wrong.

A Fantastic Episode About Jewish People and Zionists

War Flashbacks


Female Characters Who:

Are/Have Any Traits Listed Above

Fight Physically

Fight Intellectually

Run Away

Run Companies

Run Illegal Drug Trades

Read a Lot

Have Sex a Lot

Don’t Have Sex at All


Are Doctors

Welcome Everyone with Open Arms

Take a While to Warm Up to People

Overcome Trauma from Rape

Overcome Trauma from Pretty Much Anything

Wear Suits

Are Rich

Are Poor

Are Mothers

Are NOT Mothers

Are Ex-Wives Who Don’t Try to Destroy Their Husbands’ Relationships

And Have Many of these Characteristics and Infinitely More

Here is the Title Character, The Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher, Lady Detective:

Yep, she is basically a better, female combination Bond and Holmes. Yes I said better.

Endlessly stylish, handy with a pistol, far too clever for her own good, determined, resourceful, adventurous, and unfailingly kind.

What more can I say about Miss Fisher that wouldn’t spoil anything or lead to a two-hour rant? She’s open-minded, modern, and always willing to share everything she has.

I could go on to list all of the other main characters, but this post is already very long and much more would lead to spoilers.

But here’s two more things:

Are you bored with the usual hetero pairings, feel like you’ve seen them all a hundred times before? Me too! But not this one. Oh no, this one. This fucking show has the best hetero pairings I have ever seen. Honestly, it just has the best pairings I’ve ever seen. The main one in particular is just…ugh. I don’t know how to describe it more without giving everything away. But they are so perfect for each other, and they’re so bad at getting there. It’s painful, it’s beautiful, it’s just…uuuuuugh.

And in case none of this has convinced you to go watch it, here are some of the costumes:

What is this how are there dresses this gorgeous?

Stylish and practical


Dresses and suits - all fabulous

Some 1920s Swimsuits

And more, all Miss Fisher

Plainer but still wonderful

Lovely dress for a young girl

Sharp suit for an sharp woman

And if you still aren’t convinced…I don’t know what to say to you. 

But here’s this:

Now go watch and reblog to spread the word. This is a show tumblr should be all over.