Character Tropes: Basil of Baker Street (The Great Mouse Detective)

Kay, so I saw @konako made a few of these with the Kung Fu Panda characters and I thought it was a great idea. So if it’s cool with you, Konako, now and then I’m probably going to do one with a favorite character of mine. Basically the idea is a GIFset identifying a character and his/her TV Tropes. Aaaand Basil seemed like an obvious good place to start. :D

So I finally got round to writing Poppy’s bio\ background. I just hope it puts my precious girl well.x

Calliope ‘Poppy’ Rathbone (the Third)
Species- Mouse
Age- 20’s
Coat/Fur Colour- Cream/Beige
Hair Length & Colour- Long (just past the middle of her back) and wavy. Brown
Eye Colour- Green
Outfits- Most of the time Poppy wears a shirt with long puffy sleeves, red coloured trousers and waistcoat and her favourite peaked working cap. Poppy is also known to wear some disguises when assisting Basil. On numerous occasions Mrs Judson insists on Poppy wearing a dress, which Poppy is reluctant to do as it “aint too practical” and too much lace and frills quite frankly disturbs her. However with enticement of Cheese Crumpets, compromises can be made
Occupation- Essentially a street mouse, although she finds good honest ways to earn money. Poppy is known to sell papers and occasionally sweep chimneys. Poppy’s main goal is to sing, she will sing in the streets and wishes to one day perform in a music hall. Poppy also assists Basil of Baker Street.

Background and personality-
Poppy was raised in an orphanage and would spend most of her time sneaking out to explore the streets of London. During these ventures she picked up odd jobs of selling papers on the streets and sweeping chimneys. She preferred to sell papers as she began to hear stories of a detective who lived on Baker Street and the amazing things he could do. But it wouldn’t be until she turned 20 that she would meet him. Poppy left the orphanage when she became of age, although she spent as little time there as she could while growing up, being told that she would never amount to much because of her gender and class, very much annoyed her. Poppy got by on the streets, by continuing to sell papers, sweeping the occasional chimney, but didn’t like to do this very much as it made her throat hurt and cough, and as Poppy liked to sing she didn’t want anything to damage her voice. Poppy began to sing on the streets for some extra money, and though her voice was good and strong, many complained to her as her voice wasn’t delicate and sweet like many of the well know opera divas. So Poppy began to dislike opera and many of the upper classes, she preferred her way of singing anyway! She began to add ‘The Third’ to her name in a way to mock the upper classes and when asked why she introduced herself that way she would reply “ Well it’s classy aint’ it?” and snicker. On the day she met Basil of Baker Street (a year before Dawson) she was singing and Basil threw a coin into her signature hat and asked if she knew of any strange or unusual behaviour along the water front (one of his attempts to find Ratigan’s lair). From that day Poppy would carry out some tasks for Basil and using her knowledge of the streets get him information for his cases. She would also spend time at the detective’s home, where the house keeper Mrs Judson would often feed her and try to get her to wear nice things, many times Poopy would pull a face to this, unless distracted by a cheese crumpet or two. Poppy was very drawn to the warmth of the home and the understanding and mutual respect from a mouse she saw as a mentor. Basil began to teach Poppy many subjects, though she enjoyed the music lessons the most. And when Dr Dawson became Basil’s friend and companion, Poppy’s heart softened to the Dr and saw what she would loved in a father of her own.

• Singing, Poppy sings very well and enjoys music (though she finds opera a bore).
• Poppy enjoys learning, especially Basil’s lessons (making things explode with the chemistry set is lots of fun).
• Being able assist Basil and Dawson on cases and sometimes getting to punch a criminal or two (Mrs Judson doesn’t think this is very lady like).
• Cheese Crumpets, especially Mrs Judson’s
• Opera
• Snobbery.
• Too Much lacy frilly things.
• Wearing her hair up (Poppy may be convinced to wear a dress or two, but out right refuses to wear her hair up)
• Knowledge of the streets.
• Because she is willing to, she is a fast learner.
• Loyal to those who treat her respect and kindness.
• Humour (Poppy can be quite witty, sometimes with out realising)
• Stubborn, her determination to prove herself can often lead her into trouble.
• Doesn’t always think before she speaks.
• Food! This is a distraction that leads to being put in to Frilly things!!
Relationships- No Parents
Mentor- Basil Of Baker Street
Father Figure- Dr David Q Dawson
Giver of food- Mrs Judson
Love Interest- ?? (wouldn’t you like to know?!)

Composition and background studies: Great Mouse Detective

So for an assignment, we drew backgrounds from a movie of our choice to study and observe elements in an composition and what makes it appealing. I picked Great Mouse Detective, not only because it was a suggestion from a friend, but because this movie has great lighting and atmosphere in all it’s shots, and let me tell you, drawing backgrounds takes alot of time. I respect anyone who draws animation, backgrounds, characters, etc right from pencil and paper, who do it on a daily basis for a living.

I know these aren’t completely accurate but that wasn’t the point. The point was to make observation, practice line work (not rendering) and giving us a good hand eye coordination. I try to do these now every other day along with small thumbnails of texture and line practices that helps improve my drawing skills. I still need to work on foliage though.

I’ll be posting more soon. Sorry for the lack of posts. Many things have happened, and I have much to learn and to practice, and will post more within the next month. Happy New Year to my followers and hope everyone is doing well so far!

- Kate S. 2014 - drawings are by me, the original backgrounds goes to whoever the artists were at the time at Disney.


I was a little lazier with the shading this time. Just black in multiply and white in screen, lol. but i was more careful with the lines and flats, so it equals out? And tiny basil is so cute XD

I don’t think I’d make a very good mouse. I like the idea of either A) Being a neighbor to 221B and so Basil’s mousehole leads into my home. Or B) being a relative/friend of Mrs. Hudson and I either visit a lot ^_^