More Great Lakes Central, Part Two

Here we see the conclusion of yesterday’s post: a train movement from Traverse City, Michigan, to a lumber yard near Williamsburg.

The first three images show the train approaching Lautner Road, west of Williamsburg (along with a going away shot from the same location). The final images has the train ready to drop four cars at Amerhart.

All of these views were made along what was once the Pere Marquette Railway, the C&O after that. I’ll have five more pictures of this run tomorrow. Five photographs by Richard Koenig; taken July 7th 2017.

TBH I’ll miss Disney’s Good Luck Charlie, I mean:
- no one on the show wanted to be a singer/dancer
-it was actually funny (it made my mom laugh sometimes,  that’s a lot for disney)
-there was no need for there to be a song number in each episode, even though Bridget Mendler can sing
-it showed just a normal family, no wizards, no pop stars, something you could identify with
-it had body diversity, there were PoC and chubby people who were not called chubby nor wanted to be thin
-the Teddy’s goal was to attend college (and a nice one), she studied and actually cared about school
-the most musical thing was PJ’s band, and at the end he went to culinary school
-the actually got in trouble, which shows kids that you won’t always get away with something bad
-they had good morals,
-the theme song wasn’t bad
-the mischievous kid did good things most times
-it dealt with normal human family stuff, like being the middle child, and sibling bickering and when the 3-year old started swearing, 
-the parents were very responsible and not total nitwits like in other shows
And last but not least, it was the first Disney Channel show to include a homosexual couple and fucking rocked it in the most cool and fabilous way ever, without making a big deal out of it and not offending anyone.

Over all, I’m gonna miss this show, at least I still have Gravity Falls.

Great Lakes Central, Traverse City, Part One

This regional railroad, funded by Michigan, operates on a patchwork of historical lines throughout the state. The particular track seen here, crossing the Boardman River, pretty much in the center of Traverse City, was once the C&O and Pere Marquette prior to that.

The crew has just dropped an empty gondola somewhere in town to the west/south of the bridge; it will now pick up an empty center-beam car it has left nearby and run down the former Pennsylvania (former GR&I) to the main track at Walton Junction.

GLC 399 is an EMD GP38-2 built for Penn Central in 1972. Photograph by Richard Koenig; taken June 15th 2017.