Are you tired of these SEXY-CONCEPT from our beloved kpop girl groups?
Did you felt shock&sick when you saw their crazy-sexy-seductive dance choreography?
I know you do..
Because I can felt it already!

Here are some REAL-TALKS about this matter
So try to read it and you can relate about it ;)

1. Where did it started??

So do you know where did it started? Ok so let’s be specific, GIRLGROUPS in sexy
concepts! so let’s start in year 2009 where KPOP boomed in the universe.
As I can see, (since I’ve been a kpopper for 4 years already).
I think it started with Brown Eyed Girls, from their sexy-killer moves
in ‘Abracadabra’ era. But take note they’re already in a proper age to do this thingy.
Then up next to this is 4minute, but they’re not really too show off like what this kpop
girl-groups are doing right now (of course except for the fact about Hyuna’s mv, remember we’re
talking about girlgroups not soloist)
Then next is SECRET from their 'poison’ era, And Also
After School 'flashback’ era
And mostly with Girls’ Day 'Expectation’ era
where all innocent-cute-bubbly groups started to transform
into sexy-seductive one.
(A/N: there’s also other kpopgroups who did this before but I’m just taking the famous ones)

2. Kpop Girl Groups with to much SEXY concept!

It evolves! I think this concept aren’t KPOP anymore they’re on their way to hollywood-concepts.
Ok, so it’s not like I’m bashing them)

Here are the top 5 kpop girl groups with SEXY-SEDUCTIVE concepts
2. AOA
3. Nine Muses
4. Girls’ Day
5. Dal'Shabet

So RAINBOW BLAXX became #1  because of the TOO-MUCH-SKIN-SHOW-OFF from their 'ChaCha’ MV.
Like focusing on the cleavage,butts & legs.
It really made me shock and I’m in a state of thinking if they’re still a KPOP or NOT.
#2 is AOA with the OMFG super sexy concept & dance choreography in 'Confuse’ & 'Miniskirt’ MV’s.
One time I was reading the feedbacks from their (Miniskirt) MV and I found few same comments 'This is PORN’ & 'This is not about music anymore’
I’d really do agree to them, because they’re not focusing on the MUSIC because this is the most important as an artist/idol. Not in showing their bodies like whores. (sorry for the term)
#3 is Nine Muses, so it already started last year right? also showing their cleavage and butts. It’s already making me SICK!
#4 is Girls'Day as we all knew that this all started at their 'Expectation’ era to 'Something’ era. They used to be the cutest girlgroup ever but now they’re matured already. But for me I think they’re a bit ok than the other girlgroups with this kind of concept.
#5 is Dal'Shabet and it also started last year with 'Be Ambitious’ but they’re still capturing their cutie side (specially at their concert here last year in our country I was able to see them in person)
I’m still glad that they’re not really too show off with their comeback this year in 'B.B.B’

3. Consequences!

So here it comes!
The consequences to their OVER-SEXY-SEDUCTIVE concept. As we all have heard that last day it was reported that AOA’s choreography was changed due to the rules in the music shows, and earlier today it was also reported that DAL'SHABET did changed their choreography too. Gosh their entertaiments are kinda stupid, they knew that it wasn’t allowed in music shows to do some rated things.I hope they wouldn’t do too much, it’s really not GOOD!
But I still love their songs, Ok so let’s just focus on the songs hehehe.
And not only the CHANGES of choreographs but they also recieve lots of BASHING & BAD FEEDBACKS!
Specially in social sites like YOUTUBE,FACEBOOK & TWITTER!

4. Last …

I knew some people were sick of this concept, I’m glad that other groups aren’t able to do this like Girls'Generation and specially APINK, Gosh! i would be fainted if they also try this concept. I hope that their entertaiments would also look forward for the consequences, and I hope that they will look or focus on the music & singing Talent. Not only with the CONCEPT & CHOREOGRAPHS. They’re changing what KPOP is, and it makes me sad :(

**So I hope you like my review/reaction about this TOPIC, please  don’t bash me!
I’m just saying my opinion here and I’m not bashing them, actually I’m a fan of them
It’s just they’re going into wrong direction ;)

Please leave you comments, and thanks for reading loves lots~