G.I. Joe Cobra Night Landing Craft. Easy restore overall that took quite a while to get pics posted. Pretty much just a clean up, decal removal, polish and repo decal replacement. The decal sheet came with quite a few extras but I pretty much stuck to the original look of the landing craft.

It’s displayed here with my Cobra Eels (1985) figure. He is my original and at sometime, while I was a kid, I thought he’d look cooler with some “camo” painted on him. That is what you see on his legs and arms.

It really could have used a good dusting/cleanup before the shoot. It is covered in lint and fuzz which really stood out after the pics were taken.

The landing craft was one of those genius Hasbro Joe toys. It was cheap but still cool. For the kids who didn’t have the parents who could afford the USS Flagg or other high priced items the landing craft was one of those toys your friends still wanted and it didn’t feel out of place when next to the hover craft or other larger items.

thatguyinthesink  asked:

In Snake-Eyes' bio on the tfwiki, it states that sometimes his real name is Francis Witwicky. Despite that claim, I can't seem to find any evidence that confirms that other than the intro. Is there a story behind that?

Yes, that’s his real name in Tom Scioli’s Transformers vs. G.I Joe, but it’s only revealed in the final issue, and we don’t have that part of Snake’s article written up in full yet.


Preparing some portfolio pieces for the upcoming con season. Next up: G.I. Joe!

Or rather, some of my favorites… in two complementary cover concepts. Can you name them all? Because knowing is half the battle.

Would love to do some IDW variant covers with these guys.

Colors by the daring highly trained special mission force of Dennis Hart.


According to @cybertronicband, #GIJoe isn’t the only group who can handle #Cobra! #transformers #Retrocon2017 (at The Water Tower in Oaks)

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