134: “Sea Slug”. G.I. Joe “Real American Hero” Series 6, 1987.

This jacked mofo came with the (in my opinion) neat vehicle the SEA RAY. The Sea Ray separated into a sub and a glider! Personally, not a huge fan of the look of Sea Slug, but def liked the Sea RAY.


Preparing some portfolio pieces for the upcoming con season. Next up: G.I. Joe!

Or rather, some of my favorites… in two complementary cover concepts. Can you name them all? Because knowing is half the battle.

Would love to do some IDW variant covers with these guys.

Colors by the daring highly trained special mission force of Dennis Hart.

133: “Rumbler”. G.I. Joe “Real American Hero” Series 6, 1987.

Rumbler is basically Frankenstein’s Monster. He was cobbled together from previous molds. Repaints of the head of Claymore (096), the torso and arms of Heavy Metal (074), and the legs of Bazooka (055).

Rumbler’s claim to fame is that he came packaged with the first (and only?) Radio Controller G.I. Joe Vehicle: The Crossfire. I personally never owned this vehicle. Did you? If so what was it like? Tell me in the comments!

131: “Ice Viper”. G.I. Joe “Real American Hero” Series 6, 1987.

Woo! Another SNOW figure and vehicle! As I’ve mentioned before I LOVED the Joe snow stuff. I would be out in the yard playing for hours in the snow with them. The Ice Viper is another of my personal favourites. Because of his red balaclava-type mask I would have him double as a ninja on my ninja squads. PLUS he came with SAIS (Like Raphael from the Ninja Turtles).

The Ice Viper was the driver of the Cobra WOLF, which was an awesome vehicle as well. Double cockpits with canopies, plus “ski-torpedos.” Very cool.

130: “Hardtop”. G.I. Joe “Real American Hero” Series 6, 1987.

Yep, I’m BACK.

Hardtop was one of TWO figures that came with the EPIC play set: The DEFIANT: Space Vehicle Launch Complex. Hardtop was specifically meant to be the driver of the CRAWLER, which is why it’s featured here. Don’t worry, attention will be put on the shuttle and booster two figures from now, when I get to 132: “Payload.”

This drawing was kind of a bottleneck for me on this project, to be honest. Once I got to it, it was around Christmas, and I sorta backburned it, and then just sort of kept dreading the amount of work that I knew would be involved to draw it, haha. To give you sense of that, the figure drawing of Hardtop himself was about 1hr, which is average for JUST the figures. Sometimes 1.5hrs. Sometimes a little less. However, the drawing of the CRAWLER (basically the two side drawings you see there) total time was 7.5 hours. :|  … YEP. SEVEN and a HALF hours. So that makes it officially THE most time-consuming of all the vehicles I have drawn so far.

SO, needless to say I am happy to be able to be past that bottleneck! :D AND, I’m really looking forward to being able to get into more a flow now with cranking out the art for you guys. Thank you everyone, once again, for all your support on this project!