Ever wanted to play the official Gregory Horror Show board game? Own the game but don’t have someone to play with? If you answered yes to either of those questions then I some great news for you. The game has now been scanned and uploaded for use in Tabletop Simulator!

“Players compete to gain control of three rooms faster than their opponents and escape the Gregory House while trying to stay alive at the same time. Of course, gaining control of the rooms is no easy task, for an unknown monster awaits you just behind each door. Further complicating matters are monsters that roam around the hallways of Gregory House. These meticulously crafted, fully painted miniatures can be controlled by players to attack their opponents or block their path.”

Game Download

Rule Book

I did this in hopes of making the game more accessible to people because I know that it can be difficult and expensive to get a hold of the physical game. If you have any feedback please let me know. I’m new to Tabletop Simulator so no doubt there are still some bumps to smooth out.

Please enjoy, and try not to lose your soul!