A little help? ^_^

Does anybody know of any free web hosting sites?

The web hosting that I used for my blog theme/images has expired and it’s too expensive for me to renew for another year. Now my blog looks awful via a browser :(

I don’t need a lot of space, maybe 50mb or so. Surely there must be something out there!

Thank you for any suggestions. xoxox


When I was living in Japan I went to the movies by myself for the first time. I’ve never done that before because I kind of just always assumed I wouldn’t like it. But I was wrong, I loved it! Movies mean SO much to me and have shaped and continue to influence how I view and deal with the world. I got to see The Red Turtle alone in Tokyo and it was such a moving moment for me. Now back in the states, I just got to see the movie that started it all for me when I was 4 years old in a theater!
So much purity and beauty in this film. Travel, movies, and video games are the closest things I have to a religion, and Miyazaki films (and pretty much all Ghibli movies in general) are truly spiritual experiences for me 🌿🌳🌿