Stanford McGucket (1/?)

Stanford messed up his brother’s chances of getting a scholarship and is now living out of the local library. Surviving with little to no plan Until a kind Southern couple offer him a chance to start over.

(an au od @thelastspeecher‘s Stanely McGucket au)


It had been a month, and yet still Stanford remembered the night as though it had just happened. The duffle bag flung at his chest, the forceful slam of the front door to his childhood home, his brother’s protests being silenced by their father’s angry screams. Through heavy tears, he could see their silhouettes in some sort of violent puppet show in the bedroom window. He spent that night in the boat that he and Stanley had spent many a summer’s day working on.

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I love my gf

She already knows it, but I want everyone else to know it too. I love how her eyes light up when she’s talking (she never stops talking and I love it because I could listen to her for hours). I love how she rolls her eyes at me when I say something dumb. I love how she hides when I give her a compliment. I love the way she calls me babe. I love her laugh I think it could create world peace if everyone got to hear that. I love the way she loves everything with all her heart. I love her attitude even when she’s being difficult. More importantly, I love her as high as the sky as deep as the ocean and around the world