“But how can you stop me i̵͜f̕͠ y̵͝o͘u͜͜͟͡͏ ̧̀̀d̶o̵̵̡͠n̕͟͟'̧̀͘͢͢t͜͜͜ e̙̦͚͖͖̺̥̎͑́̈̂x̾ͭ̾̑̌̓̚i̖̘̲̙͋ͬ͒̒̇ͯs̱̅ͮͬ́t̘͈̹̣̭̻?̦̖̣͉̈̿͠”

Bipper again. But I finally managed to paint one fanart! I’m planning to do Reverse!Dipper in the same style as well! Hopefully I’ll finish it– some day.

“Sweet dreams, Pine Tree…”

I have a headcannon that popped in my brain today: Bill never sleeps, because there are always people dreaming. In other words there are always deals to make, nightmares to induce, and lives to ruin. This plays into his insanity somewhat, because despite being a demon, he has to take care of himself at least a little.

Maybe demons’s areas of power surround what they want most but can never have. Bill would love nothing more than to rest and have dreams of his own, but he can’t, so he just feeds off of other’s dreams.

Welp, I really hope y’all like this! Have a transparent, sleep-deprived Bill for your dash. This is my first attempt at making a GIF and it was pretty fun.
(Nifty Disclaimer: I don’t own Gravity Falls or any of its characters.)