friends and fam: Georgia Martin/Larissa Duan

let’s take a minute to consider the most powerful lesbian couple ever

  • they meet at one of Jack’s games and hit it off talking how difficult it can be managing a team of unruly hockey boys
  • like they swap manager stories and it’s hilarious and horrifying
  • also Lardo studied abroad in Kenya and hey what if George is part Kenyan?
  • so anyways they bond really well over all of that but somehow they both think the other is straight
  • until George goes to one of Lardo’s art shows as a surprise (Lardo hadn’t told her about it, Jack had)
  • and there are like giant paintings of naked and semi-naked women (and maybe a few of george too idk)
  • and she’s like Larissa? Why didn’t you tell me? We should have been dating this whole time

anyways this is like my new favorite ship. Their ship name is either large or geordo (pronounced like Jord-oh)

anonymous asked:

I'd really love to see a fic exploring those two paths, George the benevolent ruler of the happiest country on earth, and George, the summoner with his heart in the right place who unfortunately lacks the words or the luck to get there

Or the third path: George the guy who starts with his heart in the right place and has the words and the luck, but who slowly strays from his intended purpose and, through a combination of events beyond his control and good intentions gone awry, winds up the ruler of a country which is less than the happiest on earth.

Choose your adventure, everyone. Fic Open Season!

This is George Jenkins. He’s seventeen and a clerk at a stationary shop. He envies the customers there because the fact that they buy stationary means that they can write and therefore read. He can’t read, though he’s tried very hard. He sits at the till and imagines what it would be like to write his own name, but he doesn’t know how to spell it so it’s rather difficult to imagine. He also limps because one of his legs is longer than the other, but it doesn’t really bother him.

He lives in the cover of my APUSH binder. Reblog George and you won’t fail your next exam.

the “im looking through you” singalong is almost as weird as the episode

george is captain of a boat i guess

he sees paul relaxing on a boat and hes in his way

goerge does his best to get paul to move

but pauls like “lol get a load of this dick”

and he angers george in no way he has ever been angered before

georges mind goes straight to murder and tries to shoot paul with missiles

paul returns with a sabmarine and goes under the water to hide from goegre

george then realizes the full effect what hes just done

he goes into a panic thinking paul actually died bc of him

and ringo is there but serves no purpose

Wanna Know Who’s a Great Character?


Reasons he’s great:

- Drives a go-kart.

- Knows how to fly a plane.

- Helps put a motherfuker in their place.


- Tries his best at what he does in spite of a lack of respect given towards him.

- Is literally the first character you see when you start the game.

- One of only TWO characters to have an official plush made of them.



928. In their second year, Fred and George asked Mrs. Weasley for sweaters for some 'friends'. After she sent them, she got a picture of them with their year mates but the order that they stood in spelled out swear words. It was one of their first howlers.
Rare joj videos

OK so I’m in this group chat right? and I’m talking to these people and one of them finds out about George’s old band and he starts sending us links and I don’t think he has a Tumblr so I might as well post them because someone’s gonna it might as well be me. Apparently George was in this old band called Beats and baby miso. They’re actually pretty good but the camera quality shit because it was like 2010, but trust me that’s definitely George.
(he takes off his shirt :^) )