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What kinds of korrasami feels?

Unrequited love.

Asami falling in love with Korra. Fighting it every step of the way. Rationalising her feelings for hero worship. For wanting a friend. For loneliness. Anything but confessing her heart is crumbling.

Asami finally breaking down. Falling apart because while she is desperately in love and it is wonderful, it is also desperately cruel. To be so close. So far. To watch Korra easily walk in and out of her life, without a clue as to how Asami feels.

How she spends her days looking at Korra. Her nights twisted in bed sheets from sheer, restless misery. How her heart is punishing her. How Korra is unknowingly tearing her apart.

It only worsens when Korra gets closer to her. When she chooses Asami’s company over all others. When Korra smiles and laughs and lingers as comfortably as perfume.

The confession happens as a landslide. A flood of emotion that once it applies pressure at Asami’s weaknesses, cannot be held back. She cries. She fairly rages. At Korra who stands mutely by and says nothing about the tender vulnerability Asami can no longer hide.

In all Asami’s imaginings, and there have been many, she never once envisioned Korra looking at her the way she has been looking at Korra for years.

Her distress melts as she slides into that coveted embrace.

It is everything she longed for. Everything and so much more.

“I waited,” Asami will say, breathing easy for the first time. Korra pressed reassuringly against her.

“I’m sorry it took me this long to see you,” is Korra’s response.

Those kinds of feels. =|