do you people not realise how much fun Fred & George must have had, given the title of their positions on the freaking Gryffindor Quidditch team?

the two greatest pun-slinging pranksters were BEATERS

if they only ever made one ‘beating off’ joke during practice, to their long-suffering Captain (who just so happened to be Oliver WOOD), then that man was lucky

“Oh yeah, didn’t you see us? We beat off the Slytherin Chasers, mid-air so they didn’t get Wood…” 

Oliver is internally screaming the entire time


The fact that Fred and George were born on Aprils Fools is one of the HP universes big “Coincidences.”

Right up there Remus (mythical character raised by wolves) Lupin (Canis Lupis - wolf) and Sirius (dog star) Black (a black dog) and the fact that Remus and Sirius are the moon and stars…

As someone who has recently started caring for a lame, retired horse, I’ve come to learn that my biggest annoyance in the horse world is the thought that if a horse is still alive, it should be in work/used. The concept of “serviceably sound” irritates me to no end. Yes, he is a great horse. Yes he did big things and jumped big jumps and won lots of pretty ribbons, and yes he is considered young to be fully retired at age 21.

But I don’t need him to be sound. He doesn’t need another job, he deserves to rest and live out the rest of his life in comfort, not being given high dosages of NSAIDS (painkillers) so children can flop around on his back. He is an old horse, he has given us his all. He went to the top of the top. And now it is time for us to repay him for all he has done for us. He deserves it.