@ commenters on the detrans article saying “actually these people sound nonbinary”: 1) gender has no tangible definition and therefore doesn’t even exist, i know this is a hard thing to wrap your head around the first time but creating more microidentities doesn’t dissolve the oppressive construct, it reinforces it by saying that gender expression that isn’t stereotypical male or female makes you not actually male or female. and 2) you don’t get to dictate other ppl’s identities u fuckin terf


June 4th 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Candice).

SDCC 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Grant).

A true glo up.

Are you a massive Hamilton fan who constantly finds you don’t have anyone to share your musical memes with ? Well this is the gc for you !


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Since TOME has recently been consuming my life, I decided to make a plush of The Fave™

also i think i am the master of low-quality pictures lol

He’s made of fleece and is very soft :D
The wings are being held up by craft foam inside of the fabric (they’re kinda crooked lol) :3
I’m planning on making the rest of the main characters soon, but I decided to start with the easiest, which also happens to be my fave ^o^