• Reita: I want to know why is Ruki being so nice to me.
  • I: How nice is it?
  • Reita: I usually will take off my coat when I arrive at his home and he will take care of it for me. He will even hang it up with a hanger. May be he just doesn't want to make his house dirty? But I’d like to marry Ruki if he kept on doing all those tiny kind things. (laugh)
  • Ruki: What? No way, it’s just because you wanna get married? (laugh)
  • Kai: It’d became weird if you speak too much, Ruki. You’d get into that zone again.
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Reita's crazy birthday party [2007]
  • Reita: Let me tell you about my crazy birthday night. We finished recording Stacked Rubbish on 27th May. So that night, everyone was drinking like mad!! It was awful…
  • Aoi: Hahaha yes it was!
  • Reita: Everyone was all YAY FREEDOM!! and went on a drinking fest and went wild…. :( it was just too much for me. Ah, I dont think I cant talk about it here- it was just too crazy…
  • Aoi: It was like, we kissed the sound engineer, and totally wrecked the tabletop and stuffs.
  • Reita: And all those bottles and glasses we smashed.
  • Uruha: I can’t remember a thing from that night…
  • Reita: You were crazy! You were the king of the drunks!
  • Aoi: As soon as Uruha said “Tequilla”, I knew that the party is doomed.