This is MasterChef inspired xD We are watching this show when we are working on commissions, and sometimes it inspires us to draw something… like this.
Well, it’s our characters Luti (this name came from lutino cockatiel) and Gaze.
Luti is a Grahn, and Gaze is a Caspian. They both lives in Padmire, and they compete with each other. In the restaurant business, and not only in that area.
We love this charas VERY MUCH. <3

Zodiac Stares

Aries: A direct and fearless stare.

Taurus: A relaxed but serious gaze.

Gemini: A youthful look in their eyes accompanied by an expressive face.

Cancer: A soft gaze that makes them feel approachable.

Leo: Even their stare screams confidence.

Virgo: Alert and intelligent eyes.

Libra: A distracted, faraway look.

Scorpio: An intense gaze you can’t ignore.

Sagittarius: An energetic stare and they always look like they’re ready for action.

Capricorn: A self-assured stare that means business.

Aquarius: Their eyes seem knowledgeable yet also a little off their rocker.

Pisces: Dreamy and vague one minute and then penetrating the next.