[From Mayo Kawasaki’s blog]

While we were waiting to start filming,
GACKT told a funny story:

“I drove by myself today for the first time in ages.
I was almost out of gas so I went to a gas stand.
Halfway through, I realized I’d forgot my wallet.
It was too late to say "Sorry, I forgot my wallet”,
so I was looking around everywhere inside my car
wondering what I was gonna do.
When I looked at my phone case, I had 10,000yen in it.
I didn’t have a credit card or anything so I didn’t look cool,
but I gave them the 10,000yen.
They finished filling the tank and I went to leave
but they came and banged on the window.
I thought they were gonna ask, “Are you GACKT?”
but they said, “Uh… here’s your change…”
and I felt like a dork.
so I told them to keep the change and they were happy (laughs).“

Everyone cracked up laughing.

Then, GACKT,
who was toying with his phone
and checking the inside of the case
asked his staff to bring a 10,000yen note from his wallet.

I remembered that he keeps one in there as a good luck charm.

The manager brought over GACKT’s wallet.

GACKT looked inside his wallet.



He grabbed a few notes out of his wallet

but they were all foreign currency.

He’d just come back from Malaysia
and hadn’t changed the contents of his wallet.

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