“When one of Grey Sloan’s own lands in the hospital, Bailey tries to figure out what happened while the rest of the doctors jump in to help. Meredith juggles huge secrets that affect her relationships with Alex and Maggie…”



Losing respek for niggas left and right

Man just the other day i was in class with homeboy talkin bout nothing.

Him: “Oh , you know they’re making a new wonder woman movie with..” *idr who*

Me: *remembering that glorious edit of Serena Williams in that Wonder Woman costume* “Eh I’d love if Serena were Wonder Woman”

Him: “Serena?..”

The look on his face already made me want to gag.

Me: “Yeah… Serena Williams.. Tennis pla-”

Him: “Serena’s too black to be Wonder Woman.”

Me: looking home boy dead in this face thinking bout how he “The Darkest Night of All the Land” would have any audacity to comment on skin tone shades… I’m in awe.
The disbelief sways me.

Me: “Too black?”

Him: “Yea , like she’s too black.. Wonder Woman is from the Amazon.”

I almost drop the topic because this guy is really smart. Like I usually aim to be best in class and dude is always the only thing close to a challenge. And i don’t even know anything about the Wonder Woman Comics because he starts talking about the way it’s written.. but then…?!

Me: “So you’re telling me Hollywood hasn’t changed anything from how things are written in books when they produce the movie ?”

Him: “Not when it’s made to be that way.. like Wonder Woman’s charact-”

Me: “So you mean white people aren’t out here playing Egyptians.. and Scarlett Johansen wasn’t just the whole lead role in a movie about a book that was centered strictly around Asian culture?”
*every image reference clouding my mind of every time the character placement was off*

Me: *remembering he used “she’s from the amazon as a rebuttal* –"And i know you’re not going to sit here and tell me she’s from the amazon .. like black people wouldn’t exist in the amazon when you know black people exist in pretty much every part of land you can think of despite what media will fool you into thinking.”

Him: “The Amazon isn’t real–”

Me: “Oh.. so now you’re telling me Serena Williams is too black to play a fictional character from a place that isn’t real???”

Him: *talking about how its written in the comic or w.e*

Me: *thinking about how Serena is and can be all those things* Ok?

Him: *realizing he fucked up* “You know what _ never mind.. you’re annoying.”

Me: *is annoyed*

This the same dude that’s always projecting to be so pro-black. I thought we were on the same team. I was rooting for you!

Kpop albums giveaway:

I was planning this for like the longest time, I even planned on making games, but me being myself of course nothing would happen as planned.

As many or some of you might know I graduated this year, So I am moving to a different state for college (I will comeback home, but I don’t see myself  being in my house like before). So instead of leaving my babies on a shelf to rot. I decided to give it away to somebody who might actually want . I am giving away some of the albums that I have, but listen to mainly on my ipod.

All the albums are like brand new, the majority of these I have only opened once and that was to burn it on my itunes.

The Albums (Click to see invidual pics of albums)

Block B Very Good

TTS’S First Album ((seohyun and tiffany photocard)

2PM 01:59PM

2PM Still 02:00PM

UKiss Neverland (all members photcard)

Teen Top No.1 (L Joe Photcard)

Btob Beep Beep Bop Bop 

EXO K XOXO (Chen Photcard)

Beast Hard to love, How to love (Kikwang photocard)

Girl’s Day Female President

BAP The 1st mini album Repackage

Got 7 Got it? (Mark photocard)



  1. There are 12 albums in total (Got7′s first album too but I was too lazy to get it from downstairs)
  2. There will be a total of 3 winners each choosing 4 albums, and the last one to respond to my ask will get the remaining 4.
  3. Anyone who is following me can enter
  4. You can reblog and/or like to be entered
  5. The giveaway will end in 2 weeks on July 28th, at 9pm EST
  6. Please have your ask open so that I can message you
  7. Good Luck (^_^)

This is not only a giveaway for college, but because I also wanted to thank you guys. I started this blog like 4-5 years ago, and the amount of growth it has experience really gets to me. Your sweet messages  and just seeing you guys on my dash makes me happy and keeps me going. I know I haven’t been on much this year, but every time I was on to see that people still tagged me in things, and actually sent me asks, is one of the main reasons I fought through the slump I was going through.

So this is kind of my way of saying thank you, and I hope to have many more years with you guys!~

I won’t really tag this post since I made it mainly for my followers, and you know if you’re following me you know whatsup lol jk jk. (And if you’re a new follower don’t worry you can join too (^_^) )