“ Eu só queria muito que você tentasse me entender. Quando eu sai da casa dos meus pais foi para não depender de mais ninguém, pra ter a minha vida. Eu não quero ir para esse mundo que você esta me convidando porque esse mundo não existe. Você não é um príncipe encantado, você não é o homem que vai me salvar. No meu mundo, isso não existe. “

(Filme- Bruna Surfistinha)

ShallowCast needs fan mail!

Nafan and Xander intend to answer some fan mail during the next podcast episode, but to do that we need to HAVE some fan mail to answer in the first place! And that is where you come in.

Send Asks to us here via our Tumblr account, or use the following:

If your question isn’t super lame, we will answer it and then you can feel great about yourself! So go ahead! You have nothing to lose except a minuscule chunk of your spare time!

Welcome to Shallow37!

So after talking about doing it for ages, refusing to get around to doing it, and then finally sitting down and doing it in a fit of boredom, the intrepid Nafansaurus and Xander Grimm have finally created an official Tumblr for all things Shallow37!

  • What does this include?

Primarily, this means that posts related to ShallowCast, the award-winning and critically acclaimed podcast I just lied about seven words ago, will show up here and then be reblogged by Nafan and Xander on their personal tumblrs! Official business shall be conducted here on occasion, and assuming we ever have any fans we will be speaking to them on this Tumblr when they send us Asks or submit ideas for future podcasts!

This also means that Twitter and a Movie, Xander and Nafan’s #TaaM-tagged Twitter adventure during which the gang watches awful movies and livetweets them using the four-letter hashtag seen above, will now be officially considered part of Shallow37’s projects and productions! Announcements of livetweet events and summaries of the action will show up here too, so watch this blog if you want to participate when we watch bad movies on Netflix and mock them on Twitter!

  • What do I have to do?

Well, go listen to ShallowCast, for starters. And then follow us on Twitter. And like us on Facebook. And send us cool messages telling us we’re great. And tell your friends how great we are and make them listen to our podcast too. Also, buy all our merchandise! We don’t actually have any. We should get on that.

  • Why couldn’t you think of a third question?

ShallowCast and Shallow37 as a whole are fun projects that Nafan and Xander are pouring a lot of energy, dedication, and time into in order to share their dumb opinions and their awesome friendship with the internet world, and it would be an honor to have you listening and interacting and participating as they hopefully grow into something big and truly enjoyable.

Thank you, won’t we?