Wang Wang and Funi, at the Adelaide Zoo in Australia, are the only pandas in the southern hemisphere. This means their keepers have to find ways to keep the pandas cool since they’re in an environment vastly different from their native homes. The pandas have really thick fur coats that allow them to thrive in their naturally colder environment. In southwestern China where the mountains rise high and the snow falls thick, pandas need their fur coats to maintain warmth and find bamboo. But in hot, dry Australia, the Adelaide Zoo has partnered with AGL to provide the pandas an environment more similar to their native habitat. AGL is providing solar energy to Adelaide Zoo to control the climate in Wang Wang and Funi’s habitat. The solar power goes to chilling rocks and refrigerating bamboo, not to mention powering the panda cam that lets keepers and fans alike keep an eye on the pandas. (“Keeping the pandas cool”. Zoos SA Blog. Feb 10 2014. News. May 14 2014. Web.)