Chris Colfer The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning book sgning in Montclair, NJ at Watchung Booksellers.

Remember that Froggy painting I did? Well I gave it to Chris and this is the video my friend shot for me while I was standing there, awestruck.

It meant so much coming from someone who is very self-conscious and not confident in their art to hear his personal hero say all these thing and truly like it. Even Alla took pictures and I just, wow, I’m crying. I was so dumb I stood there like a five year old just saying ‘thank you’ over and over and my voice was so high cause I was so nervous. Today was just amazing.

Keroro IRL

Here pekoponians, my name is Keroro de arimasu!

When Keroro is spying the Hinatas on a courtyard.

When Keroro is getting lazy and watching TV after his plan failed.

When Keroro is lonely and waiting at the bus stop on a rural.

When Keroro is having a brillant idea, starting the evil smile.

When Keroro and his members are beginning to invade on Pekopon!