I have been wanting to start this account up again and would love to follow any people who post/reblog anything that has to do with:

- Olivier Giroud

- David Villa

- Antoine Griezmann

- Real Madrid

- Iker Casillas 

- Sergio Ramos

- New York City FC

- French national team or Dutch national team

- Football ships

- Football in general, honestly.

- Football, that’s all.

Please reblog or like this if you are a football blog or most of your content is football related and I will follow you straight away!


All you need is the force!!
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If Colin Kaepernick doesn't want to stand during the national anthem, who gives a shit?

Maybe he’s all exhausted from making 19 million dollars a year, the poor bastard.

But anyway, it’s free speech, and the ONLY speech that needs to be defended in this country is UNpopular speech. I mean, fuck, why would popular speech need to be defended?

Think about it.