You guys ! I was on Holland Twitter page when I noticed she is almost at one million followers, so for those who are not following her and love her and Lydia Martin and her amazing talent please go follow her ! I never met her but I know she is a sweet kind and caring person and she’s always there for her fans !

Hey cuties

I just cleaned out my dashboard due to a lot of clutter, but I would like to follow a couple more blogs that have : 

  • Pink theme
  • Manga Caps ( Both pink and Black and White edits )
  • Black and White Theme
  • Anime
  • Kawaii

so if you’re blog is any of these or you can send me some recommendations, please reblog this or send me a message and I’ll check it out ! 

also maybe consider following my blog - faithsonlyhope

 or second blog - faithsonlymonochrome

Thank you  ♥