Ed and Al prototype figure from Kotobukiya, i cannot stop myself from making a chibi version of it ( *・ ・)
Some fma drawings I’ve done recently (the GreedLing one is a gift for a friend of mine) and a transmutation circle drawing in my notebook cause why the hell not (≧∇≦)

Welcome to Tomorrow

Title: Welcome to Tomorrow

Rating: NC-17

Genre: romance, PWP

Pairing: Roy/Ed

For: “The stroke of midnight”


“The doctors are being fucking paranoid,” Ed griped.  “I mean, I get it, Al looks like he’s been starved for four years.  But it’s not like I’d let anything happen to him.”

Roy listened with amusement as Ed bustled around his apartment.  “Did you really expect them to understand?  What the two of you have been through is beyond the worldview of even most alchemists.”

“We explained it to them,” he protested.  “Or we tried to.  But still, it’s not like they’d be sending Al out on his own.  I’d be there.  I’m not about to let anything happen to him now.”

“Did your brother get tired of you hovering again?”


A while ago I doodled Lust!Riza for @the-flame-and-hawks-eye’s Hellbound AU, so I figured I should probably also attempt Wrath!Roy. Here are the two together.

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Well I’ve been playing Pokemon Go and Pokemon FireRed a little too much so…yeah 

I figured Roy would have an Arcanine cause fire and well… this. As for Ed I imagine he would have a steel type but I couldn’t find any (fully steel) I thought would suit him but then I found Lucario and it is fighting/steel so I thought it would fit Ed just fine :D not biased at all, nope!

Maybe these two would be rivals in the Pokemon world?? Idk