gif:florence welch

  • florence welch: forest goddess, queen of the fae
  • hozier: florence's son with a mortal woodcutter, trapped between the mortal realm and the fae realm
  • lorde: dark entity summoned by victorian occultists
  • lady gaga: diva possessed by the spirit of a modern art exhibit
  • beyonce and solange: the sun and the moon
  • kanye west: protagonist of an epic greek tragedy
  • lana del rey: met the devil at the crossroads and sucked his dick
  • carly rae jepsen: a mortal, but we don't deserve her

“It was weird, because singing for a while was something that I felt was like secret, my secret thing. When I was little, at school, I just felt quite mundane. But I remember singing in the school hallways when everyone else was in class, because of the echoes, and the resonance was so wonderful, and I can remember that feeling of: ‘Whoa, what is this? This is something.’” – Florence Welch