Without any extra funding, the city of Flint, Michigan will run out of the money it needs to keep buying bottled water and water filters for residents in 51 days.

Where are the celebrity’s now? … Where is Hillary since she got her nod from the DNC .. Where is the President? .. Why hasn’t the governor been ousted or put in jail? How long are these people going to be without clean drinking water?? It’s been years since they found out, and still nothing is being done.
Pastor says bottled water donations slowing to trickle in Flint
By Steve Carmody

A pastor says donations of bottled water to his Flint church have dried up in the past month.

Donations poured in from across the nation in the weeks and months after it was learned that Flint’s drinking water was contaminated with lead. At times, the response nearly overwhelmed the effort to distribute water to Flint residents.  

Bishop Roger Lee Jones’ north side church parking lot used to be filled with pallets of water, but now the flood of donations has slowed to a trickle.



Along with everything else they are going through, the Mayor just announced that they will have NO GARBAGE PICK-UP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

This is cruel, deplorable treatment of human beings!

BEGINNING TOMORROW, please join me in calling the numbers below to demand additional Federal State of Emergency actions be immediately taken to aid the people of Flint. President Obama allocated $5million dollars on Jan 16 2016 - THEY NEED MUCH MORE THAN THAT! They still don’t have safe water. Their health problems are mounting. They are in dire conditions.

Governor Snyder: 517-373-3400 | DC Office: 202-624-5840
MI Atty General Bill Schute: 517-373-1110
U.S. Department of Homeland Security: 202-282-8000

P L E A S E . S H A R E !


Don’t forget about #Flint. If you want to help: check out

It is just unconscionable that this could be allowed to happen and all I hear in national news outlets is about well off folks some billionaires trying to gain more power. Clean water is a basic human right! It’s a damn shame some go without. #Hate it!

“When something like this happens, a young girl shouldn’t have to go to Washington to be heard. I thought her President should come to Flint to meet with her.” —President Obama on 8-year-old Mari Copeny. Mari, AKA “Little Miss Flint”, wrote to the President about how she’s working to bring attention to the public health crisis in her community, and yesterday she met the President in Michigan.

Flint, MI: Now Drowning in Garbage

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Flint, MI still has undrinkable lead water. Combined with a lack of new piping, the donation levels of free bottled water for the needy have slowed to a near stop resulting in a return to drinking the tainted supply for many. This is terrible and unconscionable, but unfortunately not the only problem in Flint right now.

Over the past month or so, there’s been a debate between the Flint City Council and Mayor Karen Weaver regarding the renewal of the waste management service contract. It’s important to note that the current WM company, Republic, is unionized, whereas the one that Weaver favors, Rizzo, is not. Weaver is also friends with people in high places at Rizzo, so there is some speculation that she’s receiving kickbacks - though there is no direct evidence of this at this time.

So, the Flint City Council voted to renew the contract with Republic at the beginning of the month, which Mayor Weaver vetoed for reasons that are not entirely clear. The issue was then sent back to the City Council to unanimously veto to override the mayor, which they did. So far, so good. Democracy in action, folks. What happened next, though, leaves all of us residents scratching our heads in disbelief. You see, the only way for the mayor to override the second veto was to completely stop all waste removal for the entire city in the month of August.

This is exactly what she did.

The City Council immediately rebutted, not wanting to be taken down like that:

Here’s the full article explaining it:

So the way things stand right now, Flint has no trash pick-up scheduled for next week. In August. All of this is bad enough…. except that Mayor Weaver took it one step further and posted this on her page:

Let’s take a closer look at her picture, shall we?

That, my friends, is a CITY OF FLINT VEHICLE. You might be thinking that this isn’t an issue, but you would be WRONG, because my friend, THIS PICTURE WAS NOT TAKEN IN FLINT. This picture was taken in PHILADELPHIA.

While all of this is happening in her city - the undrinkable water, the needy going without, unemployment, and a garbage crisis of her own creation, she used our tax money to pay for a vacation to the DNC to promote herself and drove there in our tax-funded vehicle. And make no mistake, she went there to promote herself. She has done jack shit to actually help anyone with the water or their daily lives and has spent her time hamming it up to the national media. Mayor Karen Weaver is not a leader. Mayor Karen Weaver is an attention whore.

I’m so fucking done.


BREAKING: At long last, Michigan’s AG is charging more culprits for the Flint water crisis.

Two years after lead contaminated the water supply in Flint, a majority-black city in Michigan, a state official announced on Friday charges against half a dozen state employees for misconduct in office.

Bill Schuett, Michigan’s attorney general, said Genesee County Judge Nathaniel C. Perry III authorized charges against three Department of Health and Human Services employees and three Department of Environmental Quality workers, the Detroit News reported.

It’s the second time charges have been filed in the Flint water crisis case.

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Jesse Williams speaks about “state-sponsored violence”

Asked and Answered: President Obama Responds to an Eight-Year-Old Girl from Flint

At eight years old, Mari Copeny — known around town as “Little Miss Flint” — wrote to President Obama last month from her home in Flint, Michigan to share how she is working to bring attention to the public health crisis in her community. She also noted that she’s headed the President’s way, and asked if she could meet him during her trip to Washington, D.C.

This week, President Obama wrote back to “Little Miss Flint” with some big news: He’s coming to town. On Wednesday, May 4th, the President will travel to Flint, Michigan where he will hear first-hand from Flint residents like Mari about the public health crisis, receive an in-person briefing on the federal efforts in place to help respond to the needs of the people of Flint, and speak directly with members of the Flint community.

Read Mari’s letter to President Obama, and then check out his reply:

Mari’s letter to President Obama:

Mr. President,

Hello my name is Mari Copeny and I’m 8 years old, I live in Flint, Michigan and I’m more commonly known around town as “Little Miss Flint”. I am one of the children that is effected by this water, and I’ve been doing my best to march in protest and to speak out for all the kids that live here in Flint. This Thursday I will be riding a bus to Washington, D.C. to watch the congressional hearings of our Governor Rick Snyder. I know this is probably an odd request but I would love for a chance to meet you or your wife. My mom said chances are you will be too busy with more important things, but there is a lot of people coming on these buses and even just a meeting from you or your wife would really lift people’s spirits. Thank you for all that do for our country. I look forward to being able to come to Washington and to be able to see Gov. Snyder in person and to be able to be in the city where you live.

Thank You
Mari Copeny

President Obama’s reply to Mari:

The White House

April 24, 2016

Amariyanna Copeny
Flint, Michigan

Dear Mari:

Thank you for writing to me. You’re right that Presidents are often busy, but the truth is, in America, there is no more important title than citizen. And I am so proud of you for using your voice to speak out on behalf of the children of Flint.

That’s why I want you to be the first to know that I’m coming to visit Flint on May 4th. I want to make sure people like you and your family are receiving the help you need and deserve. Like you, I’ll use my voice to call for change and help lift up your community.

Letters from kids like you are what make me so optimistic for the future. I hope to meet you next week, “Little Miss Flint.”

Barack Obama


Six state officials are now facing charges in the Flint water crisis!!! 

It is very interesting, what will be their punishment for poisoning thousands of people? 

Any way charges will be ridiculous, it basically will be a slap on the wrist for poisoning people for years, just like Hillary will never face serious charges for her crimes! This is just so sad, the people who think they are above the law, actually are…

The real criminals will never go to prison…