Gen IV Bros: Villa Shenanigans
  • Explanation: These are some of the things Volkner and Flint say when they're in the Villa the player gets in Pokemon Platinum. They are adorable.
  • Flint: ...Volkner.
  • Volkner: What?
  • Flint: Let's say I'm in a battle, OK? What if I didn't use my Poké Balls? Instead, I can have my guys come in and out of my Afro to battle. That'd bewilder the other guy, huh? Wouldn't that be hilarious?
  • Volkner: ...Maybe. Don't ruin things for others, though.
  • Flint: Hmm...
  • Volkner: What's wrong? You're looking serious for a change.
  • Flint: It's this place. You know how drab the League is? Don't you think the place should be more, you know, festive? With more decorations, awards, and things like that?
  • Volkner: Don't start! That will make my Gym stand out less.
  • Flint: Say, hey, Volkner. What do you say we battle here?
  • Volkner: ...Are you kidding? That's why you Elite Four are called irresponsible.
  • Flint: What, we are?
  • Volkner: Well, at least you are. I tell everyone you're irresponsible.
  • Volkner: My relationship to Flint? There's no love lost, that's for sure.
  • Flint: Hey, you! You used my prize money to buy this furniture, didn't you? So, I've got a right to lounge here, am I right?
  • Volkner: When I got my first Gym Badge, I used the move Thunderbolt. Ever since, I've stuck with the Electric type even as I got better. I do it because I don't want to ever forget how happy I was when I won. Incidentally, Flint's fascination with the Fire type is only from his name. Someone told him that a flint is what's used to spark a fire, and that was it.
  • Flint: Hey, listen you! If that Volkner tries to sell you on Electric-type Pokémon, ignore him! You have to go with Fire-type Pokémon. It's the way of the future!
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