Scans of the photos my dad took on my camera! They’re basically the same shots we took with his camera but just seem so much more #aesthetic in film form haha. The last picture I was moving in and somehow it turned out well haha

Pairing names

me: The trouble with Luna is there’s going to be a character called Luna in FFXV.

behemoth: And then Tuna could be Tina. You could have Tina and Luna.

behemoth: How about Yumour.

me: You worship Yevon but you should Yu more?

behemoth: How about Brachtron?

me: It sounds like, “By our powers we transfor—” *horrified pause* WAIT.

anonymous asked:

FFX is my favorite game ever and your blog is the best thing ever and reminds me why I love it so much. you da best. like idk, I just have a lot of emotions about that game *tidus crying face*

thank you and yeah me too. sometimes i make gifs making fun of it to hide the deep pain i feel inside lmao