On trend: 2006 next to 2016. This is my ten year anniversary of cosplay! Creativity comes with spikes and slumps. I can go for months feeling like I’m not really capable of making much, then I’ll come around and thrive as if it never even happened. Even though the slumps happen, it doesn’t change the fact that I have improved tremendously in the past ten years. As long as I keep going, I can still improve. I love this hobby for so many reasons, and a record of personal growth and skill improvement is one of those reasons. #cosplay #thenandnow #gundamseed #lacusclyne #finalfantasyx #ffx #rikku

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Final Fantasy X (Tidus, Yuna) crossover for my ART BFF, @mslead! I know it’s late, but not nearly as late as my others have been this year!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY B! Seriously, she’s amazing, so if you didn’t wish her well on the 18th, you should drop in her box and do so. <3

I was going to do another Kingdom Hearts crossover, but FFXV is coming out in a week and I gave into the hype.


I’ve never noticed this before (it amazes me that I still find new things in this game despite playing it non-stop for over a decade) but in this moment, Yuna is literally and figuratively stepping from the shadow into the light. And it’s so fitting because this scene really shakes her faith in Yevon, and she finally begins to see it for what it really is. She’s no literally no longer in the dark.