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Stoic Breaking, Chapter 5:

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The setting sun sent bright, blazing heat down heavily against Mikasa’s pale skin through her thin clothes, her feet hammering against the dry, dirty covered streets desperately, she zipped back and forth between people as she made her way quickly down the busy street toward here target: where the soldiers were gathering. Her breathing was rigid, harshly coming from her mouth in shallow pants as she grit her teeth harder with each hammering step she took. She was holding her arm to her chest protectively as not to catch it against anything while moving at a quickened pace through the crowded streets.

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STOP! WAIT A MINUTE! basically i’ve just hit nine thousand followers which is extremely mind blowing because i would’ve never thought to have so many people like my blog. it makes me so happy to come on tumblr everyday to a community so full of love and laughter. i can’t even wrap my head around the fact that there are nine thousand people following me and my lameness?? i just really want to say thank you. thank you so much for following me since i started this account back in late 2010 and thank you for not making me regret it. despite what anyone says, i’ve felt very welcomed in every fandom, and even if i don’t make cool text posts or have any sense of photoshop skills, i still feel like i belong here. so, thank you for giving me that sense of belonging. hopefully i won’t be going anywhere soon, because i love you guys too much. you guys are rad as heck and i hope you forever stay swaggy!!!! also, i’d like to show my appreciation to the people i follow. you guys keep my dash entertaining so thank you for that and i’m going to follow you forever! unless you say something dumb then hasta la vista!! lmao jk but hopefully that won’t happen! even if you don’t even know i exist, i want to be friends with all of you, okay?? i’m sorry if i forgot anyone, and if i did, just add yourself in there because i follow a lot of people and i couldn’t fit everyone. ilysm. p.s. s/o to my bff tyler for the graphic!!! she’s the cutest cutie in the world and idk what i would do w/o her!!! yeetbutera

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