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We are a mighty people. Powerful. We chose to respect that power and keep to ourselves. To avoid war. But war keeps finding us nonetheless. Perhaps we need to change our methods to protect our family. … And so, my brothers and sisters, we stand at the precipice of a new era! A day where we take the fight to those who would do us harm! As of today, we no longer play the victims! We take them!

Kurt talks in his sleep


The first time Blaine sleeps over at Kurt’s place - after that one time he woke up hungover - he wakes up in the middle of the night when Kurt suddenly starts talking absolute gibberish. None of it actually makes any sense but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lot to say. It almost sounds like he’s making a speech and Blaine catches words like ‘cotton candy shirt’ and 'hot milk fountain’. He falls back to sleep with an amused smile on his face, only to wake up again about an hour later when Kurt announces:

“No, Mr. Anderson, only I get to wash Blaine’s underwear." 

Blaine decides no to ask about it in the morning. 

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Chapter 5: Silence

*Author’s note: This is Mel’s POV when he got shot. Of course its just made up for the story.Then it jumps back to the present with AirRen’s POV*


“Alright baby. I love you and I’ll see you later tonight.” I said kissing her. This was the usual routine,  I would say my goodbyes, call August so we could make the drops then return home to my family. “Melly do you think doing this by yourself is a good idea? I have a strange feeling about it.” She was hot on my trail. “Look Aug and I have done plenty drops by ourselves. Its gon be cool bay."I assured her. I kissed her passionately before leaving. I told Aug the drop wasn’t gon happen til tomorrow but Big D called me saying he needed it done tonight.  I didn’t want to bother Aug cuz him and CoCo finally got they  shit together. "Bout time!” I said to myself laughing a little.  I hopped in the black SUV Big D provided all his worker when making drops for him. I bumped tupac, biggie and all the otha good shit.

**Minutes Later**

I was one of the worst hoods in NOLA. These streets were ruthless.  I walked with the duffel bag close to my side. “I needed to just get the shit in a go home.” I whispered to myself followed by a quick prayer. I followed the directions made the drop got the money and walked back to thr car. I could hear N.O. niggas around it. “Damn.” I said walking up to see 4 dudes around the car. “Ayyy this yo ride dude.” I shook my head nit wanting to make more conversation than I had to. “This shit clean as fuck. I want it.” One of the dudes said tryna punk me. “Look nigga ion know whea you from but I ain’t no bitch niggah. You want some shit,  cool. Are you gon take my shit HELL NO.” I said calmy. My statement was quickly led with a blow to my stomach.  “We got a tough nigga, huh?” The dude said. I fell to my feet. I managed to punch one guy but soon all of them ran to me kicking my ass. “Gimme the shit or imma take it simple.” He said lighting up a cigarette. My life or a car full of shit. The car had to go. “Take the shit.” I yelled over blows to every inch of my body. “See nigga. Was it that hard?” He said laughing blowin smoke into my face. I couldn’t fight anymore. I pulled the keys out giving them to him. He looked closely at the car. “You one of Big D’s boys.” He looked at me. I didn’t answer. “Tell yo boss he’s dead.” They pulled off wit my shit. I pulled myself up off the pavement walking to the nearest hospital. Moments later I heard a car screech pulling up to me. I tried running but it was too late …

*** November***


   “How you doing baby?” My aunt Kat said helping me pack my room. “I’m okay.  I just - ” I hadn’t seen him or said his name in months.  After Mel died something changed in August. He left his past behind including me.  “I’ve talked to his mom. He’s back at home. Working doing good. He’s okay. She said he keeps to himself but he does miss you.” I needed August.  I was leaving and he had no idea. Every time I wanted to talk to him he would ignore me or say rude things. ” I miss him, Kat and he has no idea I’m leaving to go to Atlanta.” I pulled the clothes out of the dresser folding them slowly trying not to cry. She stopped me and hugged me. “Baby it’ll be alright. When the time is right he’ll come around.” I shook my head against her shirt.  “I’m gonna go. I have to get to work. Ill see you tonight. I love you.” She said kissing my forehead.  I wiped my face,” I love you too.” It was only me and my thoughts alone. Maybe leaving in December is going to be good for me. New life for me.


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That morning, Keegan had kissed his girlfriend on the cheek as she slid into the car, driven by some driver her parent’s sent, waving as they drove away. Was it awful that he had been counting down to this day? Probably, but he’d been keeping a calendar in Olivia’s room that had every day counted down to this very moment. Now they had a little more than fourteen consecutive days of nothing but spending time together, just the two of them. Who knows what they would hold, but he didn’t care as long as he got to spend them with Olivia. Never before had he wondered if she was going anywhere over the break, because he hadn’t bothered to ask. Now that he thought about it, though, maybe he would tonight. She’d never asked him either, but maybe she already knew that Keegan chose not to be in contact with his parents. Either way, he rushed back to his dorm to tidy up a bit, texting Liv the second he got back. When he found out she was on her way he grinned to himself, cleaning the couch of his carelessly thrown around clothes. 


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Chapter 4: Til' Death


  “Dayum it’s hot out hea boy. Why you got them out here play.“ I was sitting on the porch of my mom’s house wit Mel watching the girls play. Its been a while since we jusr chilled usual we out making drop or sum shit. "They got the sprinkler system that’s enough ain’t it?” He looked up at me serious. We both burst into laughter.  “Alright niggah you know they pass out Mama, yah girl, Kat, and -” I couldn’t bring myself to say her name. Its been another week since we spoke. I see her helping her aunt Kat and shit but we still haven’t spoke.  “You know she miss you just as much nigga.?” Mel said nonchalantly passing me the blunt. “Maaaan I don’t give a fuck. She don’t wanna be around me, cool.  Her lost.” “Sooo why you choke up on her name and calling her she. CoCo got MORE than enough names not to forget.” “Cuz SHE a forgotten memory.” I inhaled the smoke leaning against the window letting my mind drift. “I guess you forgotten too lil bru.” Mel said nudging my shoulder. I looked up to see AirRen getting out of a black Lexus. Talking to some talk light skin nigga. He was holding her books until she got to the door. He whispered in her ear and she was giving him  looks of passion shit the way she use to look at me. I got up charging across the street.  “Bruu what the fuck you doing? ” Mel called behind me. I immediately picked up my pace.
“Hello Alsina.” She said a little too formally. “AirRen who the fuck is?” I said pointing to this clown ass prep school nigga.  “Why are you worried don’t you got bitches to fuck or sum?” She looked hurt and angry. I couldn’t control myself, I grabbed her arm pulling her close to me. “You better fucking tell me AirRen or thid nigga gon get his ass beat on MY streets."I squeezed her tightly.  "Ahhh August your hurting me.” “Let her go dude.” The prep mutha fucka said reaching out for CoCo. “Mind yah business dawg. How I handle my girl is my business.” He stood straight up. We were face to face now. “Look Harper just go please. Ill call you tonight, okay?” CoCo said pulling Harper to his car giggling. After he left she walk passed me into the house. I followed her all the way up to her room. “What do you want Alsina?” She said sitting on the desk. Truth is I didn’t know.  I just didnt want anyone else making her happy like that. I couldn’t find the word so I kissed her.  “Get the fuck off of me.” She said slapping me across the face. “Kissing me is not gonna solve shit. You’re selfish.  You don’t wanna be my man but as soon as I find someone I’m yah girl? Fuck you. I hate yo bitch ass!” She was angrier tgan I’ve ever seen her. “Look boo I love you , okay?” “Save it.” She said putting her hands up. “You don’t love me. If you did you wouldn’t be fucking otha bitches, shit some of those bitches are girls I gotta see on a daily at school! If you loved me Alsina I would be yours. If you loved me I wouldn’t still be a virgin.” She was crying now.  “CoCo I do love you but damn I’m young. Imma fuck up. I wanna be yo man but only when I’m ready to be the man you need.” I wiped her falling tears kissing her cheek.  “I love you baby girl don’t forget that.” I said holding her on tge edge of the bed.


I couldn’t help myself when it came to August. I loved him and hopefully he loves me just as much. “August I can’t wait forever. ” I said walking into the bathroom to wipe my face. He was right on my tracks, “I know you won’t. Imma get us right before it’s too late.” He looked at me through the mirror. “Stop telling me and just start showing me.” I whispered before returning to my bedroom.  I sat on the bed grabbing my laptop to start my biology labs. “Come here.” I said not looking away from my work. He sat behind me allowing me to rest on his chest. This was the shit I loved doing with him. He gently rubbed my shoulders making it hard to concentrate on my work. “You are gonna be the reason I fail senior biology Alsina.” I giggled turning toward him. “Ooh no baby. Trust me there’s about to be a lot of experimenting going on.” He said licking his nice juicy lips. Damn I missed those.

***Hours later***

 "Baby its 5am! Please get your phone!“ I said rolling over pulling the covers over my head. I heard snoring and his phone continuing the vibrations. I picked up the phone to see almost 30 missed calls and multiple text messages.  The phone rang again, "Hello?” I said into the receiver it was one of August’s cousins.  “Thank God. Ayy lemme speak to August its an emergency.” He spoke loudly. “Aug, baby get up! Its your cousin I think something’s wrong. He finally woke up. "Hey what’s up… what?  Naaah man. No! Ion believe dat shit. Stooooop lying to me.” I could hear his voice getting weaker and weaker. He dropped the phone and began to cry. I’ve never seen August break down I just pray it wasn’t the family. “Baby please talk to me.” I said walking over to stand in front of him to see his face. He looked up at me with a puffy face. “He’s gone baby.  He’s gone forever…” He grabbed my waist allowing his tears to run down my legs. I began sobbing with him after I realized who he was referring to…

I’ve been saying that I would make a Follow Forever since Book 2 ended, but I decided to wait until Christmas. This year I made so many new friends here, I’m really grateful for this. I want to thank you for putting up with me since the beginning of this year. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. You are amazing! ♥

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Chapter 3: How much do you love me


“Nigga we gon make this drop or what?” Mel asked impatiently through the phone. This was probably the fourth time he asked me this but for some reason I couldn’t focus. “AUGUST!” He yelled. “Yea bruh we can. I gotta get a little extra dough comin’ in since me and CoCo bday like a two weeks away.” I hadn’t talk to her since the morning I walked her to school and she broke shit off with me.


I could feel her shifting in bed like she always did before she rolled off to take her morning shower. “Dayum Co don’t go today. Lets spend some time together.” I said touching her waist before she slipped away. “Aug, I have school. If you wouldn’t have left you would be getting dress with me instead of just walking me.” I hated when she threw that shit in my face. So what if I dropped out my last year, it was my damn choice. “Go get dress CoCo. I got shit to do today anyways.” I rolled over facing the window near her side of the bed. I could feel her presence close to me. “I’m sorry.” She whispered before she kissed the back of my neck. Before she could fully walk away I grabbed her wrist and lowered her down to my level before softly kissing her. “Boo I have to get ready.” She said in between kisses. She walked into the bathroom turning on the shower. I let moments go by before I decided to take it upon myself to join her. “Aug-” I interrupted kissing her roughly letting my hands roam around her naked wet body until i gripped her ass. Damm I was hard as fuck. “We can’t … ” she said lightly. “I ain’t doing shit ma.” Laughing in between words. I slowly kissed  her neck down to her navel rubbing her clit with my thumb until my lips met her clit. “Damn you ttaste good ma.” I said looking up at her through the cloud of steam filling the shower glass. She looked helpless but ready for more just the way I liked. I gently licked my finger before inserting it into her. “Ahh Aug!” She moaned. I stroked faster and faster until she was leaning against the wall with her legs shaking. I immediately pulled her out of the shower onto the bathroom counter. I kissed her ready to dive into my shit and ger another taste,  “Baby we can’t. Stop pleeeease.” I didn’t want to fight her or make her regret anything so I simply stopped, kissed her once more and left her alone to think about what just went on.

****flashback over****

I snapped myself out of my thoughts realizing I was still on the phond but he was so tied up in my nieces he didn’t know I wasn’t paying attention. “How is she anyways?” I asked. “Yall ain’t talked bruh.” I didn’t want to tell Mel about AirRen telling me she needed space from me and she didn’t want to see. It was hard enough not sleeping at my moms house cuz I got kicked out but now my girl kicked me out? Fuck I mean? She ain’t mine.”Dats yah problem lil bro. That’s why she ain’t feeling you. You treat her like shit! She constantly holding you down but what you do? Take dat shit for granted.” I hadn’t realize that I said all that shit out loud until Mel started lecturing me. “Man she know I ain’t tryna be jammed up in no real shit Mel. Yea I love AirRen but I ain’t good enough.” “August you good enough for her. She love you she tired of waiting on you. Get that shit right with her August.” “Look Mel I’ll call you later.” I could feel myself getting choked up. “Damn I gotta her back.” I told myself


I sat with the girls at the park listening to Mel and August talk. “How is he? Is he eating? Where’s he sleeping?” I know I wasn’t suppose to care but he had my heart and this past week has been the worst one. “AirRen he’s cool. I don’t know where he’s at but he gon make a drop with me later this week. Imma tell you like I teokd him. Get yall shit together and stay together.” I looked at his face. He was serious. “Mel you know its not me! I’ve been tryna’ work shit out with him. I’m tired.” I could feel a tear roll down. “I knos I’m only 16 but I love your brother. The only thing that could break us up is us AND we aren’t even together.” I was over August. I just needed to love him but be his friend that would be simpler. “I know CoCo but yall need to get yall shit together love ain’t got a age limit.  Aug love you that nigga just always think he gon get hurt.” I could hear it in his voice he knew August’s pain. “So I have to get hurt Mel? ” I asked I could feel the tears. He hugged me “No sis. He’s my bro and all but don’t let a nigga hurt you to the point of no return.  I tell my girls that and I’m telling you.” He looked serious.  “Thanks Mel.  Look I got a lot of stuff to do back at the house.  I’m gonna go.” I hugged him once more abd turned to leave. Thinking and crying with every step. “How much does he love me?… ” I thought

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Request/Prompt 2 - What if Blair was shy/nervous during their 1st time as Husband and Wife?

“I - ” Blair flushed, the pink of her skin burning hot underneath her wedding dress. The pad of his thumb pressed against the hollow of her throat, the space beneath her right ear, the hook above her zipper. “Chuck, wait…”

“Wait?” There was a lilt to his words, like he was half delirious, and his fingers spread to bow her against him, to pluck pins from her up-do. “I know that we have a habit of taking pleasure in torturing ourselves…” He kissed her soundly, and Blair kept her eyes open.

She needed to look.

For every moment she thought she would never have the opportunity to again.

“But we don’t have to,” Chuck whispered against her ear. He slid Blair’s zipper down, brushed his knuckles across her naked back, cradled her against his chest so gently that she wanted to cry. “Not anymore.” He held her chin and pressed his hips forward. “Not ever again.”

The words were meant to soothe her. But when Chuck stepped away to let her dress fall, Blair clutched the fabric to her chest, eyes widening like a girl’s rather than those of his new wife.

“Chuck,” she murmured, staring down at the ground. And in a moment, he understood.

He always understood. It was different without the charade, different without years and years cloaking their backs and pinning them down. The air was different with that ring on her finger - it left them barer than ever.

So Chuck smirked gently, raked his fingers through his hair and let it mop down as it often had when he was a teenager. He zipped her dress back up and coaxed her to the bed, sitting her down rather than laying her back.

He sat an inch away, let their hands meet in the middle, palms down, as they would have slid across a limo seat.

Blair shivered when he caught her lips in a first kiss, breaking away only to ask:

“Are you sure?”