Quick fact. Ready?
Giving your body an adequate supply of healthy fats, known as essential fatty acids, aids when prompting the body to release its own fat storages to burn as fuel. This is why healthy fats, such as those found in nuts, avocados, and seeds, should not be feared, for they often assist in weight loss, not cause it.

Keto flu - Cause and effects

If you have read my previous post, you will notice that I wrote something called “keto flu”.

It’s called keto flu because you feel like you are getting sick. We have been eating carbs since we learnt to chew and now if we suddenly stop eating it, our body goes into withdrawal. It craves for carbs and sugar because it is an addiction. Research says that eating sugar and carbs activates your reward center in the brain which is also activated when you smoke and do drugs. Not providing carbs lead to headache, sleepiness, nausea, mental fog and fatigue. Keto flu usually lasts 4-7 days but it’s totally worth it because this phase is the hardest part in ketosis. This is where a lot of people quit because they feel like they are going to die if they continue although some people don’t even experience any symptoms of keto flu.

Once this phase is over, your body is now ready to start burning some serious fat. This is important because once your metabolism changes to fat, you can burn fat all day and that’s why keto diet is so popular.

If you stick to keto diet even after the keto flu, you are going to shred like never before, even after eating 300 grams of fat every day.

Mee-Yon suffers from a weight problem as we all know. While Mauna may love it, I’m less so. So I developed some slimming clothes (complete with bullshit no sense magic but don’t tell me that) to help! And Mee-Yon - being who she is - has discovered that removing these garments partially seems to increase her weight as well.

Now all she has to do is eat a huge feast (her appetite and stomach capacity is normal even if her weight is nearly a twentieth of its original size), moan about how full and fat she is while sitting on old creaky furniture, adjust her bra and…

“…And what exactly are you supposed to be, the Michelin Man? The Stay-Puft marshmallow? Y’know that halloween isn’t for a few months yet, right fatass?” Who is she addressing? Why is she so on the offensive straight from the get-go? It’s hard to say, but either way you have it the thick fairy is slapping the behind of her abuse target as hard as she can, scowling something fierce.

“You can hear me past all that fat in your ears right? I certainly hope so because I’ve come to tell ya it’s time to stop goin’ for fifths at the buffet, porker!” Not that Daiyousei is especially small herself, creeping up on three-hundred pounds with a four-foot-six body to pile it onto isn’t exactly easy on the figure.


“So… You came here for my food but you don’t even have any money to pay with? I mean, I know that you buddhists are all about getting rid of worldly possessions and stuff but that doesn’t mean you get everything for free you know…” Minoriko sighs loudly, crossing pudgy arms under a mammoth-chest in her disappointment. While the Autumn Goddess had been looking to pawn her food off on someone, that she refrain from eating it herself, she’d been hoping that someone would be willing to… Well… Pay for it. A win-win, as it were.

Regardless, popping a cherry in her mouth, she stares down at the yamabiko ‘beggar’ intently- if ever-so-slightly hopefully. “Why should I feed you if you don’t have anything to give back, hm?”