When someone says he or she eats low carb/low fat, I get confused.

Your body can only turn either fat or carbohydrates (for the most part) into usable energy.

You can’t really use protein for fuel, unless you are in starvation.

Sooo, if you’re eating a super low fat and low carbohydrate diet, your performance is going to suffer, and you’re going to feel sluggish and groggy all of the time.


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At Warped tour I was able to meet one of my favorite bands, For all those sleeping. I went to Warped July 16th (Cincinnati,OH) with my cousin and I obviously had to see fats. So I arrived to their stage early and and made sure I was at the barricade directly in the middle. My very tall cousin was right next to me so it was fun and all. They performed songs off of their new (and sadly last) album, incomplete me and a few from outspoken and maybe even cross your fingers I can’t fully recall the setlist. But about halfway through their set they threw a shirt from an old tour out to the crowd and my very tall cousin caught it!! He gave it to me because he knew how much they meant to me. After their set they had a meet & greet and their tent so I obviously went. I stood in line for quite some time and while waiting I met some really cool people who also loved this band. Finally, When I got up there I took my picture but I was too nervous to even speak so I just hugged them. Then my cousin was able to have them sign a poster, a cd, and the shirt they had thrown during the show! David also gave my cousin the pick he used for the show and my cousin, once again, gave it to me because he knew how much it meant to me. Warped was a fun day and I’m forever grateful I got to see one of my favorite bands before they split. (maybe a hiatus but they’re not fob so idk)

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to They are posted throughout the week.

For All Those Sleeping is the nicest band I’ve ever met. I was so excited to see them when they came to Joliet, IL. I was in line waiting to get in the concert, so I tweeted the band saying I was in line and was so excited to see them. David from the band tweeted back saying he would come say hi. I was in shock. A few minutes later I saw him walk up to the line and ask “Is there someone here named Sylvia?” He had come into the line to say hi to me personally! He thanked me for waiting out in the cold, gave me a hug, and took a picture with me. It was honestly the best day of my life and FATS really is one of the most genuine and nice bands out there.