“Hey,“ said Shadow. "Huginn or Muninn, or whoever you are.”
The bird turned, head tipped, suspiciously, on one side, and it stared at him with bright eyes.
“Say ‘Nevermore,’” said Shadow.
“Fuck you,” said the raven.”

I finished reading American Gods last night and wow, what a book.

anonymous asked:

hi kylie! i was wondering if you had any cute cheap outfits that will look cute for back to school. im just starting high school and want something that's cute but affordable. thank you so much! <3

warning!! super long post ahead




  • floral cardigan
  • knitted v neck striped vest (coord idea: + white blouse + skirt + mary janes)
  • i really like boohoo in general for cheap fashion knits! they have a lot of styles and there’s a 40% off sale that comes around every week or so + also free shipping to most countries over $40!







other coord ideas:

  • oversized jacket + tee + pleated skirt + sneakers / flatforms
  • rib knit + sweatshirt + overall dress + sneakers
  • denim jacket / cardigan + cute tee + skirt (basically me everyday, see here)
  • loose knit cami + tee + high waisted shorts
  • bomber jacket + loose collared dress
  • polo top + loose flared dress
  • long sleeve blouse + culottes + long cardigan

omg congrats for reading if you go this far! for other ideas, you can check my coord + ootdfashion advice tags which i guarantee will have some good ideas for school!

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do you know any nice embroidered jackets?

i love embroidered jackets!! i really want more but they’re usually super expensive ~n~

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Do you have any winter clothing combinations of any kind? Like coats or scarves, maybe bottoms if you can manage? I get cold very easily, so light stuff is appreciated as well, but heavier stuff is kind of preferred. Thank you in advance!!!


  • army green fluffy hood parka (i have this and it’s super warm, really good for cold weather)
  • oversized collar coat 
  • pastel rain jacket (something colourful to brighten up your winter)
  • pink + gray woolen coat (this one has some cute colour blocking)
  • tbh mixxmix coats are my FAVE they’re so cute and decently priced but i can’t link any since all their coats are sold out atm :~(
  • i’d recommend hitting up some thirft stores since you can sometimes find really nice coats for ~$20 (i found my fave coat for $2 for an op shop!!!)




some co-ordinates:

  • my classic winter look is a sweater + skirt + tights with a black raincoat and the scarf i mentioned above
  • collared shirt + sweater + denim jacket + skirt
  • turtleneck + long scarf + jeans / leggings
  • long sleeve + long skirt + long cardigan

sorry for the super long post!! sorry that i couldn’t post better links for some things, unfortunately the northern hemisphere is in summer so most of my fave winter items aren’t up ;n;