I thought Baekhyun only playing around with Japanese, thats why he said Aishiteruyo to Chanyeol..
But i guess, Baekhyun wants Chanyeol to clearly get what he said by repeating the very word “I LOve You” in hangul..
hehe… poor Chanyeol get flustered by his teasing boyfriend..
And then theres Kyungsoo, all smiley and know about his friends.. ^^
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Rose + Chanbaek = Love

Ok ok, I understand these are all probably older topics, so if you guys are like “*eyes roll* geez what a noob, I already know this.” but hey! I just got a tumblr (because the first time I tried using it I didn’t know how to use it so I kinda raged…) but I wanna talk about stuff so let me kay? :3 

  Anyway that’s not what I wanted to rant or whatever this may turn out to be (^_^;). But anyway let’s get started. 

   So you guys know about the roses and Chanbaek correct? Psh, of course you do, it’s so beautiful. If you don’t know about it well then aren’t you lucky cuz let’s go on a Chanbaek adventure. So as we’ve seen so far Chanyeol has presented two roses (I think) to Baekhyun, once in the overdose era and on in 2015 the Call me Baby era (is that really even an era?) well anyway let’s just say that cuz this was before the Love me Right era. 

(Overdose era) “Hmm, who should I give this pretty rose to?”

“How about Baekie?” 

Just a beautiful gif version ;~; why is it so beautiful? *sobs* anyway, *wipes tears* lets me show you the most recent version.

“A rose for you! ^_^”

How about a close up? Guys!!! GUYS!!! Look at his smile! UGHHH! I can’t! From personal…stuff. That’s literally the face I make when I’m overly happy or shy/dying of feels when I’m near a guy I like! (just throwing that fact out there *innocent*) 

Needed to add this because I feel it’s somewhat important. But what I noticed was that both times Baekhyun received a rose from Chanyeol he smells it. Alright so I don’t know if that’s a habit of his or he just does that normally, sorry I’m not really a Baekhyun stan here. But still he could just be smelling it in case he thinks Chan poisoned it or something, I don’t know! But it just caught my eye. 

   Plus I just love the fact that the rose is one of the most common symbols for romance, and I love the fact that Chanyeol gave Baekhyun his *sigh* waiting for me to snag a boyfriend that will give me roses for no reason *squeals*. And just in case any random person happens to think “but Chanyeol has given roses to other member too before, so what makes this so special?” Well my friends, I am prepared! Mwahahaha! 

As you see here (I’m so sorry if it sounds like I’m bashing this ship, but no, I think their friendship is so precious) Chanyeol presenting our little squishysoo with a rose! But the difference here is that *gasp* Chanyeol was rejected! But it’s the bro-bro thing where you mess around with your friend you know? Plus this is just my opinion but I see this as fan service, sure the chanbaek rose thing was also some fan service but in my eyes (just mine doesn’t have to be in yours) it looked so sweet and genuine it was hard to see it as fan service. 

   Also the fact that Chanyeol was in the kneeling “I’m proposing to you!” stance is common fan service thing, and the way Chanyeol gave Baekhyun the rose was quite unfanservice like to me because I feel like that’s how the actual Chanyeol would propose to his girlfriend (or *cough* *cough* Baekhyun *cough* *cough*) and even tho it looked simple, really it wasn’t because as we know the ship Chanbaek is almost anything but fan service it’s true and quite subtle and they always make little things, huge, the Chanbaek way.

  Please please I am not trying to bash the Chansoo ship in anyway so don’t misunderstand! When did this even turn into a comparison thing? 

   Thanks for reading my rant/blog/thing! 

Also I just want to say I’m striving to become a tumblr thing that will focus on Chanbaek moments so I’m starting with the bit older moments (sorry!) and I hope that I can be like the other awesome Chanbaek blog things, I really want to spread the word that Chanbaek is never going to die and no one should ever think that way! Wow what is with this mushy ending geez! 

  Stay tuned for the next rant/blog/thing! >3<


✘Dome Concert✘
Awww… look at them..
So cute..
I love how Baekhyun’s face brightens when Yeol’s waves at him.. hehe..
This is a very late post but worth it..
So cute.. and sweet… ♡♡
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✘Umin knows ✘

Do you know the times when you crush / boyfriend is doing something and your friend gives you “that” teasing look..?
Thats exactly what Minseok oppa is doing to Baekhyun when Chanyeol is singing in Japanese..
Look how proud Baekhyun look..
His smirk shows that “yeah.. thats my boyfriend..” to Umin..
Umin oppa must know something or else why on Earth he has to give that kind of smile to Baek!? Baekhyun..! Among all members why Baekhyun??
And Baekhyun are not giving him same grin, but just a smirk or shy smile..
There must be something going on between these three people..
Must be..!

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