— Just don’t cry please. I don’t know what to do or say when you’re crying. You need to do it.
— I can’t do it, Danse… it’s not right. 
— You risk your life just to keep me alive… I’m just a machine. If you refuse to follow Maxson’s orders, you’re undermining everything the Brotherhood stands for.
— If you were just a machine, would we even be having this conversation? You’re not a machine for me, Danse. You’re more important to me than any of someone’s ideals.
— You thought I was human. I’ve betrayed even you. How could I told you about love. I’m a synth, which means I need to be destroyed.
— You are human. You didn’t know. It’s not a betrayal. I won’t do this.
— Why you do that for me?
— I’ve already lost my family. I’ve lost everything - home, son, time, world, trust, love… And then… I’ve met you. You’ve gave me support, care, home, hope… love. All I had once. Even… maybe even more and better than I had. And I don’t want to lose you like that.
— It just feels like a cruel joke. How could I felt something… How can you trust a synth…
— Hey, calm down. Even if you are synth - nothing changed, Danse. You’re still Danse I’ve met once. Don’t give up. Not now. Whatever you decide to do, I’ve got your back.

Karina Gretere – Wolf



— Touching. Have you taken leave of your senses?
— Elder, I…
— It’s not her fault. It’s mine. I should stay on Prydwen.
— Either you execute Danse, or I will, Knight. The choice is yours.
— Never.
— It’s all right. We did our best.
— If Danse dies, then you lose me as well. I can’t stay in good conscience if his life means that little to you.
— Unbelievable. You’d be willing to sacrifice your career… for the sake of a machine.
— He’s not a machine, he’s one of your best soldiers! Please… he deserves to live.
— My orders stand, Knight. Now… either you execute Danse or I will.
— You won’t dare. Or you have to kill both of us.
— Are you mad, Knight? You value this machine’s life as much as your own?
— Whether he’s human or not, Danse saved the lives of countless Brotherhood soldiers. Now it’s time you saved his.
— You’re a stubborn woman.

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