She’s a girl,

And I love her.

I cannot marry her,

But I love her.

She loves me,

And she shouldn’t.

I love her,

But I shouldn’t.

She’s not right for me, you say.

Could never protect me, you say.

Her voice is too gentle,

Her skin too smooth,

And her heart too tender.

Her breasts,

Her hair,

Her eyes,

Undeniable beauty,

But not for me.

Meant for a man.

She’d wither against the malice of this world.

We’d be judged,

Denied peace,

Never ascend to heaven.

But behind those breasts lives a heart

That beats in time with mine.

Behind those eyes

Lies understanding,



A ‘her’ that exists to me alone.

And though her voice is soft,

Her words could slice steel,

Render giants helpless,

Could wage wars and rattle the dead,

Would defend me far better than the broadest shoulders,

Or the deepest voice.

She’s my shield,

My sword,

My guardian,

My lover,

My angel,

My demon.

Your judgement,

Your words,

Are not the foundation for our peace.

And in a single breath,

I would trade the heaven in the clouds

For the heaven between her arms.


170522 Entertainment Tonight’s Tweet

.@BTS_twt talk to us backstage after their epic #BBMAs win and have a special message for their fans. #BTSBBMAs️

“Butterfly” UFO over Ohio-Kentucky Border

There was a video that surfaced recently of this UFO flying near New Boston, Ohio. A father and son recorded an “eerily silent” UFO flying southwest into Kentucky. When zoomed in the details of the craft are quite striking. The UFO moved silently through the sky in the video and the father and son went home. On their way back home they spotted two military helicopters heading in the same direction about 5 minutes down the road. Does this craft look man-made or more like an alien spacecraft? Those who’ve seen this video are split in their decision? What do you think?

I couldn’t find a good quality raw video of this, but SecureTeam10 did a fantastic breakdown of the footage. I didn’t want to post his content on my blog but you can watch his video here.

What do you think? Stay curious!


The Fresno Nightcrawlers

For centuries strange creatures resembling nothing in nature have been seen walking in and around Fresno, California. These things have become known as the Fresno Nightcrawlers by most, but “walking pants” by others… including myself. Made up of what looks like long white legs and a small round head, it is unknown what these things are. They have been a paranormal and cryptozoological mystery ever since the first one stubled onto a security camera in the early 1990s.

The most common belief is that these things are not from Earth. Most believe these to be extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional beings. However they have not ever been linked to UFO sightings or related to extraterrestrial activity whatsoever. The main reason they are believed to not be of Earth is purely because of their appearance. Their appearance offers no predatory, or survival/competitive features. The creatures are lacking all features of what we could perceive as threatening, leading many to believe they are peaceful in nature. Its unknown if they truly are aliens, but local natives claim they have been in the area for a very long time.

If they are extraterrestrial what do they want? Why are they here? There is little known about these entities except that they occasionally walk into sight of security cameras. They will remain a very strange mystery for many years to come.