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From Ashes To New

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My Chemical Romance


Rise Against

Neck Deep

The Signs As Lyrics From “Gorgeous Nightmare” by Escape The Fate

Aries: Is it the way that you feel against my body? Is it the way that you act so damn naughty. 

Taurus: First impressions are hard to erase, Etched in my mind and it just won’t go away.

Gemini: Maybe I’m playing my cards way too safe, I’ve gotta change.

Cancer: I’ve got another confession to make, So complicated let me try to explain.

Leo: You’re such a gorgeous nightmare. Old Habits never seem to go away. 

Virgo: Is it the way that you talk, that’s causing me to freak?

Libra: Don’t want this feeling to go away, so it stays, it stays.

Scorpio: Is it the way that you shake, When your hips move to the bass?

Sagittarius: Is it the way that you kiss? It’s gotta be the way that you taste.

Capricorn: You make me feel brand new yeah, We resurrect it’s like I’ve come back to life. I feel so alive!

Aquarius: You’re such a gorgeous nightmare, Old habits don’t go away.

Pisces: Is it the way that you laugh, that’s making my heart beat?


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