Guitar shopping this week - installment #2.

  1. Cool cherry Firebird and a couple of lovely ES-335s (and a BB King “Lucille” in the background).
  2. Epi Nighthawk - IMO one of the best values for money in the whole world.  For less than 450 bucks (new) you get a very versatile and beautifully finished, high quality guitar.
  3. In fact, I often wonder how they can build a guitar this nicely finished for such a low price.  I fear one day we will find out that these are built in a sweatshop somewhere in the third world* where poor children are sold into guitar slavery by their destitute parents and paid less than a dollar a day, chained the machines and whipped if they don’t keep up.  Did I mention they also work a 14 hour day 7 days a week?
  4. Hey look!  It’s my next car!
  5. Another beautifully finished high quality guitar.  It’s an ES-195 and it costs a few times more than the Nighthawk in the previous shots.  Like 6 times as much!
  6. 8 Stings, no waiting.  I can barely manage 6 strings…let alone 8!
  7. Scrumptious Select Tele. 
  8. Here’s that new Strat colour again.  It looks like my Custom Shop ‘66 Closet Classic which is i a colour called “firemist silver metallic”…but not exactly.
  9. What do you cats think of the Fender’s noiseless pickups.  I have never tried them, but some Stratocaster “purusts” that I know say they are quasi-humbuckers - sure they have no (or less anyway) noise like a regular single coil, but they don’t have that signature “chime” that Strats are famous for.
  10. On the road again…

* is it politically correct to say “third world” these days?  If not I can substitute “developing nations” or “emerging economies”. Let me know.