so imagine enjolras as a filipinx student (filipinoenjolras‘s take on enjolras, face-wise) in spain for some reason (cultural exchange program, as a junior ambassador, global youth leader training? idk)

and he gets into an elevator and this really really attractive person comes in after him

like really attractive and though he knows his family would totally disagree (”incredibly messy black hair in a bun, bushy eyebrows, dark eyes, dark skin, has stubble all over, not fit, riddled with piercings, has tattoo sleeves, paint stains all over and smells of turpentine – enjolras what are you thinking???” say his inner mother and father)  but enjolras is crazy blushing and he just goes “gwapo, kakainis”

and enj has been shit-talking in filipino this whole trip but man this dude is hot he can’t help but say it (”gwapo, kakainis” = “he’s hot, ughhghhg”)

but suddenly the dude just looks at him in what looks like shock and it takes enj a few seconds to realize

guapo in spanish and gwapo in filipino mean the exact same thing and they sound exactly alike

he just said the dude was hot and he understood it